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    Personally sick and tired of hearing about rumors of an APple Tablet. THey never happen anyway! I dont bother clicking on the link anymore!

    Who's with me?

    Palm just give us the Palm WebOS Foleo so we can all rest in peace!!!

    Seriously, i hope Palm conquers this category of "portable computing" by releasing a WebOS Tablet/Netbook. I think i am finally succumbing to the fact that the iPhone will rule the smartphone industry. I hope Palm gets to excel in this category instead.
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    I love rumors like:

    The Apple Tablet will have a 1080p HD screen and output HD through its mini display port.

    The Apple Tablet will run video continuously for 9 hours, music for 18 hours.

    The Apple Tablet will have wifi, BT, EVDO, GSM, HSDPA, and LTE.

    The Apple Tablet will have SSDs in the 128-512 GB range

    The Apple Tablet's screen will be OLED.

    Won't it be great when the start shipping in November?
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    The Apple tablet will be one more nail in Palm's coffin.

    Like they need any more...

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