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    Ryan Block - Engadget founder and creator

    Was looking over his profile over at and there it is...the Foleo under the current devices he OWNS.

    ryan's profile - gdgt

    WOnder if we could get him to tell us a thing or 2 about owning one
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    I think he had a prototype at one point... he wrote several articles about it. A few members here had one too (for being in the Palm Beta Community); they had to return them when the device was canceled.
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    I returned mine to stay above board with Palm, even though I suspected that anyone in a position to account for it would probably have been laid off by the time any legal action might have been taken. In retrospect, I regret sending it back. The CPU, OS and software selection were pretty slight, but the keyboard hasn't been matched by any netbook to date -- and I've had the highly touted HP Mini 1000. I'd say that all netbooks have pretty junky build quality next to the Foleo.

    A couple of months ago I had a conversation with a friend who also got the Foleo the same day I need. When I asked him if he sent his back, he said no. He still has his.
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    I know a few cats who didn't send theirs back either. As far as I know, the Palm Beta Community is dead... no one is coming after those things.
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    im not sure if i would have returned it also if i were in our place. Well, i might have if it meant legal trouble.
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    There are 3 on that claim to have one.
    "Unbranded Netbook" for sale on ebay now!

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