The Sony P Series are 1.4 lb, 8-inch notebooks with (from what I've read and been told) Bluetooth, a webcam, and GPS hardware and Microsoft Streets & Tips mapping software!

I handled one this past weekend and was impressed with its functionality, but ultimately, it was soooo very small that I would've been reluctant to use it much. The keyboard was fine, but that lil screen seemed like a potential deal-breaker (or maybe the screen combined with the price).

Sadly, it wasn't until after we'd left that I found out that the device had Bluetooth and gps goodness. To me, the lower-priced models are worthwhile simply from the perspective that they are gps devices that also function as computers, if you know what I mean.

They have no cd/dvd drive, by the way.

I could see this serving as, an advanced gps device, a smartphone companion, and a laptop - more or less in that order.