Does "EEE" discover/create a new virgin land?

It is very difficult to claim if eee is a oversized PDA, subnotebook, UMPC or etc. Because if you claim it is a PDA, it will then carries many cons of PDA, if it is a notebook or UMPC, you may find it has many weakness like "apparent" weak horsepower, low memory & display resolution, .....etc.

But the growing sales suggest that EEE could do "some Jobs" very effectively. Previously, some people had been doing those jobs with different size, different OS, different CPU speed, different storages and different mobilities machine by using PDA, notebook, pc or smartphone. While, each kinds hardware specifications indepently is better than EEE in numeric description, they have found that EEE is the better in user feeling.

Some folks here may claim it is the foleo first idea. But I think it is not

I remeber there was AlphaSmart's Dana before. I think foleo was going that way rather than EEE's direction. Do you think so?

Do you think there should be a new name for the "EEE"'s market?