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    When we wrote about the Redfly mobile companion last week, we said that it was still as flawed by the Foleo in the headline - but that’s not really what we meant. It’s just flawed in one aspect: price. Other than that, the Redfly looks pretty sweet.

    We got a chance to get a hands-on with the Redfly last night and listen up: You’re almost surely going to want one. After the break, some details on how it works, our impressions, and of course a small gallery!

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    Oh Foleo, where art thou?
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    Quote Originally Posted by chadman View Post
    Oh Foleo, where art thou?
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    Impressive in its simplicity. If the price were better, one could then reinvestigate that question of smarpthones being able to replace laptops (for knowledge workers and many @home workers).
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    They (and all the others riding on the smartphone companion concept) should pay Jeff Hawkins some royalty...

    I wish Palm comes out with one SOON. ILike i read somwhere, Palm is again gonna play catchup on a category that THEY have pioneered.

    Ed please give us the Foleo! Dont give up on that concept! I suggest you release it earlier than the Palm OS II Treo so the development community will have something to work on and start develop programs for it in time when the Treo comes out.


    Back to the topic.... this product has the same hindrance as the FOleo did... PRICE. I really believe if the FOleo were priced somewhere from $200-300, it would be ASUS who would be playing catch up with Palm right now!
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    At this point, I've no experience with a Windows Mobile device, but in case that changes, I wanna keep half an eye on this kinda stuff.

    I like much of what I've heard - especially the battery life.

    A couple of concerns: "Unlike the Foleo, they Redfly is a completely inert object when itís not tied to a smartphone. The Redfly is almost literally nothing more than a screen, keyboard, battery, and graphics processor. Thatís right - no internal memory, no internal processor as youíd typically think of it."

    So, if my smartphone's unavailable for some reason, I can't use my potential laptop replacement? That's mighty inconvenient.

    And then there's this: " basically turns off all input on your smartphone..."

    If, for some reason, it's more convenient to use the touchscreen or other options on my Treo, I'd rather retain that option instead of losing it.

    Hopefully, the phone is no longer inert if a call is received while working/playing on the RedFly.

    Oh yeah. One more thing. The fact that the RedFly is just an extension of the Treo (which is what I originally thought the Foleo would be) suggests that any webpages or webpage elements or documents or applications the Treo can't handle... won't work on the RedFly, either.
    Advantage: (ghost of) Foleo

    And, at that price-point, I'd certainly stick with my 11-inch VAIO. I could use PDAreach and, apparently, achieve the RedFly benefits with no/few disadvantages.
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    I'm unlikely to buy a RedFly (and, iirc, it's a WM device anyway and I'm a POS user) but I was really interested in seeing what the latest news or perspective was.

    *kids spammer*

    Anyway, I'm not complaining so much as I'm noting how we get immersed in these worlds so deeply - even as unlikely consumers.
    * Stuck patches? Partial erase worked for me.
    * Stuck virtual keyboard? Partial erase AND folder deletion worked for me.

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