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    Again i was going thru my usual Foleo musings, and I may have heard this suggested by someone else in a podcast or something...

    Given that the Foleo is a non-cellular product, i think there may be a possibility that once Palm gets done with Palm Linux OS, the 2nd generation Foleo may come out earlier than its Treo counterpart. Thats because the Foleo is a standalone product, and does not have to go thru the rigorous testing of the cellular networks...

    also this way, Palm can get the developer community up and ready to build apps for Palm OS II, since the Foleo and the Treo will ultimately run on the same platform...

    and by the way the Asus eeePC has been selling, i think Palm may have seen that there is a demand out there for a light portable solid state notebook and they may as well be joining the arena competing for this niche market...

    and i am pretty sure they have a lot of hardware lying around somewhere which were supposed to be used in making the Foleo..

    sounds feasible? or wishful thinking

    PS: i hope apple wont be announcing a "Foleo-like" device this January... that would blow all i wrote off the water.
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    I don't know if a Foleo II hits before the Palm Linux Treo, but I will say that what time I was able to spend with the Foleo in public told me two things. One - It was on the right track. Two - It was definitely the wrong train.

    You look at the eeePC and you see everything that is right about Palm's approach when it came to size, weight, and form factor. Heck, the Foleo had a MUCH better screen than the eeePC and the keyboard was very good (though nonstandard for a PC). But they killed themselves when they put in an ARM based processor that was dog slow and an operating system and applications that were so limited in their functionality that the game was over before it began. They had one thing down pat though. Instant on. It was their absolute focus. No doubt. I didn't disagree with that focus then, though I now think that the focus was too laser sharp and the compromises were too great. An expensive lesson for sure.

    My guess is that either they have a simultaneous release (though I doubt it) or that the Foleo II follows the new Palm handset. With the increasing number of UMPCs and the soon to arrive MIDs, I believe the next Foleo will actually have a crowded arena in which to operate in. Not that the arena has any amazing standouts (though I do love my Q1 Ultra), but its certainly going to be one of many when it debuts.

    One of the things I always hoped for most from the Foleo is that it would finally get Palm out from under the knuckle of the carriers and their obscene restrictions and limitations. It would finally allow for more innovation from Palm.

    Maybe it is wishful thinking, bulls96. But I'm ok with that. Gives me something new and silly to obsess over. :-)
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    Last I heard it is still a "companion device" so it may be hard to sell that when you don't have the other 1/2 of the system to go with it ;-)

    But, Foleos with SDKs might go out early--what better way to invite people to your new OS and SDK than with a free Foleo? You can write apps on the Foleo for the Foleo or write apps on the Foleo for your phone. Sounds killer.

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    There will be nothing free about the Foleo, but I do agree that it should be able to do computing without a new Treo. If I were a product planner, I would do it this way, and then make sure that the next Treo would be able to add a extremely useful layer of use to the both of the devices (the whole is greater than the parts).

    But I do say this, depending on Palm's vision for mobile computing, they might want to do a FOleo as a PDA, and then a Treo as everyDA where the Foleo only fills in a physical and local stroage gap.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Antoine of MMM View Post

    Can I beta test now
    WHere can i give my application?

    Yes I believe the TREO+FOLEO combination should be our answer to the iPhone... FOleo as a widescreen fullscreen keyboard standalone device which can also act as a storage for other media you cant put on the Treo...
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    I was going through Palminfocenter's Year in Review article and i found this little article written back in April prior to Foleo's launch...

    In this article they were strongly hinting at a the new Palm Linux OS and releasing it in a device later in the year (the Foleo) which will not involve any cellular network... they were saying that this device will be the start of a new direction in terms of the Palm OS and will drive new product development.

    "This could indicate either that the first generation may not have or require telephony functionality, and might be positioned as a wireless Internet device. On the other hand, it may be user upgradable to wireless data service or offered in multiple versions with and without phone service. The most likely scenario is that this new OS will power a wide range of devices from Palm in the future and the first version may debut on a PDA like tablet device, with smartphones to follow down the line."

    Free wireless data service... that's a piece of Palm's vision that we really havent looked into yet... i think they were gonna try to make the Foleo a WIMAX device... Also i think the Foleo OS was gonna the new Palm OS in its infancy that we were going to see, and that somewhere along the way, either they werent able to incorporate the Garnet code in it, or the Elevation partners saw the OS and said NOT GOOD ENOUGH... pushing back OS development another year...

    ANyway, my point in posting this is that Palm was thinking of what i have been mentioning in this thread... releasing this device (Foleo) early to get the Palm OS developers into action and then releasing the new Treos further down the line...

    Ed could you tell us are you still planning to do that?

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