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    ok. sound like I should have done that instead of using the gprs utility app I found.
    thx. I'll try that when I get some time tonight.

    BTW, how do I delete software from the Asus?
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    Quote Originally Posted by smileyboy View Post
    BTW, how do I delete software from the Asus?
    The short answer is you can't.

    The factory OS uses a file system structure that keeps the default OS in a readonly type partition. Any changes you make are stored in a second "user" partition that is tied to the readonly partition using the "union file system." In many ways, this setup is very much like the ROMs on our Treos.

    The positive side of this is that you can't ever hurt your OS. If you do tank on your eee, you just do a hard reset and your back to the point when you pulled our Eee out of the box in about 2min.

    Down side, is there is no easy way to free up drive space.

    There are some advanced modification techniques located in the wiki at this site: One of the mods allows you to remove the union file system, which would then give you ability to hack the OS.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ~Q~ View Post
    I use it. Works great. I followed this howto here:

    If you still have question, ask away and I'll do my best to answer them.
    I used this guide to get up and running with the Eee and my 755p. I just have a few questions.

    Does anyone know if this type of DUN connection is detectable by Sprint? Also, how can they tell if I'm just accessing a few websites at a time? It's not like I'm watching streaming video, etc...

    Also, is there anything similar to USB Modem for the 700wx? I'd like to be able to do the same thing with my girlfriends phone as I'm able to with my 755p.

    Thanks for the guide. Works great!
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    Wow. Been on this board a long time with treo 650, but just found this thread.

    Got an eee back in Nov. Use my 650 mostly as a phone, but when i travel i took it and my so called lightwt 4.5 lb notebook. on short trips, i took just my 650 and used it for email, etc. Problem is, can't really compose long emails. just basically responded, tried to type as little as possible without making lots of errors. Web is slow with no evdo on my vzw, and can't really get to complex pages on treo. Ever try to login to airline on treo?

    On the other hand, hated bring notebook and adapter etc.

    Eee was ok, but not exactly what i wanted. Then i read about installing xp on it. So got more memory and larger card. Put xp on, and office and pdanet!

    Now I travel with eee and treo. I can hook 650 to eee and do web stuff no problem.

    issues i have are keyboard on asus is still a bit too cramped, but better than 650. I am really looking for ward to next gen asus, if this machine was just 2 fingers wider, one on each side, it would really allow better typing. I can't really touch type on asus, more 2 finger style.

    Have the screen set to 800x 480, seems with xp that i can't get to taskbar if IE is maximized, i have to resize or minimize.

    Only other issue i have is that many times upon boot up, it seems that my office installation is corrupted and it has to fix itself. I find this is true if machine is trying to connect to last wireless connection, which isn't available in new place. I have found that if i shut down wireless when i come home or back to office, and reboot, then turn on wireless, and re acquire, office works fine. if not, i get an error when i start outlook, saying program (not pst file) is corrupt.

    New machine with bigger screen, and assuming a bit bigger keybd would be fantastic!
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    The keyboard is the same or near the same (close enough that people haven't noticed a difference) on the new 900.

    In all honesty, you should always leave the wifi off unless you are actively using it. Between the power drain and xp broadcasting each and every wifi connection on your system trying to find a connection, its not good to leave it on all the time.
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    I don't have any problems with office. I have wireless turned off though. Maybe that's the difference. Have you asked for help at

    We girls are certainly at an advantage with tiny keyboards. For many of us, we have had to struggle in the past with keyboards that are too big, and are much happier with a smaller one.
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    I saw an Asus eeePC here in person for the first time...

    It was a Black unit sellin at $399 in our Best Buy... its the 7 incher running XP.

    Actually was impressed with this Black one... i thought it would look toy like but no... It actually felt pretty nice. I would have bit on it if it came with a color the same as my blue 755p.

    The keyboard's small though. I have a feeling when i start typing a lot, i would get frustrated with the size.

    But really almost got one. Too bad the blue Asus available is light blue.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bulls96 View Post
    The keyboard's small though. I have a feeling when i start typing a lot, i would get frustrated with the size.

    I think many people would be surprised how quickly one could get used to the keyboard. I am typing this response using my Linux 4G Eee. I almost always pick this up instead of using my desktop at home.
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    I also played with one at Best Buy. The keyboard felt odd (like my bluetooth keyboard for my treo did) but also felt like I could get used to it relatively quickly.

    The 7 inch screen however was very small. I think I'll wait for the 9 inch.
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    You do get used to the keyboard. When I started with it I couldn't type at all, I had to use two fingers. But it took little time for me to just get used to, no issue now.
    The screen size is a bit of a drag, though. I've used it since Christmas and I still find the screen res. a little too tight.
    The EEEPC900 (9") with higher res. definitely is big enough, though. I recommend anyone wait for that if they plan to run windows. Only go for the 7" model if you're looking at a cheaper model with just using the linux, in which case it could be almost half the cost of the 9".
    But I got the $500 7" model. The new 9" is $550 and sports more storage. Definitely worth it.

    I love the EEE PC. I probably won't upgrade to the 9", rather spend $1800 on a very small/light laptop. Sony has a nice one. Not as small, but still quite portable.
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    I picked up a couple of Eee 701s last fall. Loved the portability but the small screen always left them in "toy" status for me. Convienent to carry and use, but painful due to the small display.

    I recently picked up a 900 nad have been using it for about 2 weeks now. Got the Linux version with the 20g hard drive; first thing, I installed Ubuntu 8.04.

    The 900 has a 1024x600 display, and I love it. This has quickly become my primary laptop. Sure I have my Dell for software development, but I use my 900 for everything else.

    It's interesting to note that the 10inch models that are coming out have the same 1024 wide resolution as the 900; just with larger dots.

    Costco US currently has the XP version instock (12g instead of 20g).
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    I have no problems with the XP version. Linux has a learning curve. If you are willing to learn a new OS (installing apps, uninstalling apps, learning which programs work on which versions of linux or the tweaks required for a program to work on the eeepc version of linux), I'd say go for it.
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    If you want to use PdaNet, you need the XP version. I think you also need XP for Microsoft Word. Palm desktop requires XP.

    Linux is less likely to get viruses, spyware etc.

    Using portableapps firefox on top of XP gives me the benefits of both worlds. I think :-0
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    Will USB Modem's Linux drivers work with these Linux subnotebooks?
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    Re: Linux drivers.
    Search this forum for posts by ~Q~. He did a good series on Linux and Phone as a modem.
    For Eee specific questions I would check out the forums at
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    Quote Originally Posted by zelgo View Post
    $600 for the Asus eee 901 seems kind of steep to me. $399? I'd get one immediately!
    $600? wow.
    * Stuck patches? Partial erase worked for me.
    * Stuck virtual keyboard? Partial erase AND folder deletion worked for me.
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    Yeah anything above $599 in this category is worthless to me and doesnt make sense.
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    Yeah. I was very excited about the EEEPC 901. I love my 701 and was looking forward to the larger screen. But at $600 it's not worth the upgrade.
    But once you break $500 it's no longer worth it for such a low end laptop.
    I'd rather take the $600 and go up in price and get a very good lightweight full featured laptop.

    For the price it's hard to beat the size an portability. But I'd rather double the price and get another Sony SZ like I got my wife for $1200.
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