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    I'll admit that I don't get the point of this LG design. They basically just dropped an iPhone / LG Prada into a weird keyboard dock. The screen would be tiny, and I'm guessing a lot of folks would miss tactile feedback on a desktop or laptop-sized keyboard much more than they would on a mobile.

    The Mashup that I'd want to see of the iPhone and Palm Foleo would be thus:

    Flip-open screen, like the Foleo. Standard keyboard but with iPhone as the Mousepad / Trackpad. Just a little slot where it slides in, some sort of dock. That would be awesome, and it raises a lot of interesting UI possibilities.

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    I agree 1 billion percent. If the foleo were *just* a keyboard and screen and found a way to use the smartphone entirely for all its processing and storage, that would be sweet. The interface for it would be rough, though - it would need to work over bluetooth and also over some sort of charging connector that could be adapted for various other smartphones.

    The LG prada phone is just weird in general. It's got this weird 'I'm a me-too device but I'm more legit than chinese knock offs' vibe to it that I can't pin down.
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    The Prada is kinda slick. Flash-based UI, and a few other things just make it a techie exereise more than a smarpthone replacement. But, there is a WM Prada, and considering the abilities of WM, this would be a nice addition more as a music/web station, thana Foleo kinda deal. Its just too shiny for more than that.
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