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    I am curious what applications people would like to see on the Foleo. I'm not thinking specific apps, but more class of apps. For example: Imap email client, word processor, etc.

    It sounds like, out of the gates, Palm is going to give us:

    1. A POP3/IMAP email client;
    2. A MS Office compatiable editor;
    3. A remote access client (;
    4. A web browser;
    5. A Bash complient GNU shell with come command line apps.

    What else are we needing? I for one, would really like to see an application to allow the foleo to access a Windows network. This should be fairly easy to do using the Samba application.

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    SMS management and archiving app. But does one really need a shell?

    I don't know if the Foleo has a microphone, but voice activation available everywhere (all apps, like the touchscreen/ kbd) would be nice.

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    The built-in application is fine with me. I hope the following improvement before the launch.

    1. Mail Client without relying on phone;

    2. Tabbed browser support the steaming (stock quote);

    Other than that I can use my laptop or desktop to do it.
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    Video player. Hugely important in today's media-saturated world. And, of course, a Flash Video plugin for Foleo Opera.
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    I believe the citrix client would triple their sales by appealing to the health and business communities. I will probably sell my nokia n800 because it cannot run citrix.

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