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    I tried a search but it appears that this hasnt been posted, the complete interview at least.

    Here's a quick lookback at when the Foleo was first introduced...

    Jeff Hawkins at the D5 Conference in May. It's the complete session. 32 mins long.

    With all the apps that came out after that day, its nice watching it with a different perspective.
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    Jeff actually gave a decent presentation. I remember thinking that Jeff's presentation was crap, but the edited version left out a lot. I think that's why Jeff kept coming back with follow-up videos after the announcement - but I don't think he was able to tell the story again as well as he did in this first go.
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    I wonder how Jeff feel about having his baby canceled. It has got to sting for him.
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    I guess it depends on what their development plans are for the Foleo II. Colligan said that he and Hawkins are still believers in the concept, and normally, one would take a statement of support from the CEO and the Founder as a clear sign that a project will go forward, but there's gonna be a new boss soon, and we still don't know what he thinks.

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