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    If my MBP runs 110 degrees (exaggeration) then the hell with this ultra portable, i will be able to cook eggs on it...

    Maybe even steak if im lucky..

    Hope apple work on the cooling of their systems so i can have children in the future, rather then worry about ultra portable systems...

    NOW mac/ pc haters... can we all just get along and discuss the most important issue on this website??

    THE LACK OF THE TREO with linux ... lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheKingOfSting View Post
    Well, I've never tried to install Autodesk Civil 3D on Mac OS X, so I really can't comment beyond the fact that no one I work with does it. I work with huge companies with throusands of Autodesk seats, none of which are running on Mac OS X.

    Why is that?

    Because you're a tool? Just kidding...

    Autodesk abandoned the Mac in part because it is a smaller market with serious competition for 2D/3D drafting.
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    If the Foleo does reasonably well, Apple will say "hey, we can do this better" and make one.

    but it would be an entire new market for Apple, even Apple's low-end laptop computers are impressive. I don't think Apple would sell these as Mac laptops... especially if they are less powered.

    plus, wouldn't this threaten the iphone?
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