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    So, I'm thinking of getting a Foleo. Do we know yet whether it's going to be possible, either on release or in the future, to sync it with your PC rather than your Treo?

    For instance, say I'd written a document in Word to Go. Is there any way to send it direct to your PC, or do you have to use the Treo as a middleman?

    Also: any firm word on Treo 680 support yet? I'm sure all of this has been discussed before, but I'm too lazy a man to go searching for the exact threads.
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    As I understand it for now the options to transfer files between Foleo and PC are as follows:
    • Transfer the files via a SD card or USB thumb drive
    • Email files back and forth to yourself
    • Use a third-party web-based file-sharing service like Avvenu or iDisk
    • Run your own web server on your PC with appropriate upload/download capability
    • As you implied, transfer files to the Treo via SD card or email, then sync it to the PC via conduit

    I think they won't be there out-of-the-box, but it's very likely that some common file-sharing protocols like Samba and ftp will be ported to Foleo in the future. Depends on how abhorrent the vacuum is.
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    Cheers, wlmoore. I was kinda hoping for a one-button solution, ala` Hotsync, but those should work fine as a stop-gap measure.

    Now all I need is 680 support... anyone?
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    Don't forget LogMeIn Professional among the 3rd party options. It offers folder/file sync. Although, it's only the Free version that will be deployed with the Foleo, the Professional (pay-for) version is suppose to be ready around the time of official Foleo release.
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    Anything is possible.

    This is a feature that I would like to see at some point as well.

    For me, at the moment, thumb drive or SD card seem to be the most simple solution for moving files from anywhere.
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