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    I like it but Will it only work with Palm OS based Treo?
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    The specific devices it will work with has not been released yet. I don't remember reading anything that indicated it would work with POS Treo's only. But then again my memory is pretty stinking bad sometimes.
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    According to the demo's I've seen, it should work with both PalmOS and Windows-Mobile based TREO smartphones.
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    Yup. It'll work woth both types of Treos, as well as other Windows Mobile devices.

    They don't guarantee all at this point, because, at the time when they said it (I'm looking for the video, but I can't find it anymore), they hadn't tested all the Windows Mobile smartphones.
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    i hope it can read Chinese and Japanese as well.
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    At the first Sneak Preview I went to, a Foleo tethered through a 750 and synced with Versamail. There will probably more details about what the Foleo officially supports tomorrow or later in the week, since it's being demoed at LinuxWorld.
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    I was at the Foleo intro in Washington DC, and had an hour long conversation with Palm Reps about the connectivity, email and what devices would work. All Treos should work, Palm OS Treos send the Foleo email client info from a special version of Versamail. Windows Mobile Treos run a little client and link their Outlook Account to the Foleo. The Palm reps weren't sure if the Windows Mobile client would run on other Windows Mobile devices, such as smartphones and/or pocket pcs.

    For just accessing the internet, one might be able to use bluetooth DUN-enabled phones. If this does work, one thing is certain, you won't be able to use the Foleo Email Client, as it syncs email with Treos. But, you can always use the web-based version of whatever email you have to access. Sadly, the Foleo can not sync calendar or contact info from a Treo. Hope this feature works soon!
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    I spoke with the manager of a PALM store yesterday who told me the Foleo is not going to be compatible with an unlocked 680... Apparently there are a number of issues not the least of which is inability to utilize email... If this is true - it's going to a problem for me and many others...

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