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    That Blogging software is a perfect marrying of this device's purpose and an a user community who could greatly value it's features.

    TealSafe is also very nice for obvious reasons.

    I also see they are now adding this line to these new announcements:

    Applications for the Foleo mobile companion will be sold separately. U.S. pricing and application availability will be announced in conjunction with Foleo availability later this summer.
    At least they are being upfront about it, lol.

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    The SixApart announcement is curious. Are they producing an application that will run locally on the Foleo, or are they saying their web-based apps will work with the Foleo's browser? I kinda think it's the latter, which is cool, but maybe a tad misleading. Blog on!
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    Hey Wlmore is that a Foleo in your hands?
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    Quote Originally Posted by newtonjack View Post
    Hey Wlmore is that a Foleo in your hands?
    Why yes, yes it is. I took the self-portrait with my Treo 650 at the Foleo Sneak Peek event in San Francisco July 19. Then my 650 turned up its nose and refused to ever speak to the Foleo. (The Treo can hold a grudge like nobody's business.) I guess it's up to Palm to get these two ever to talk.

    BTW based on the favicon, it appears that the Palm Blog ( ) is hosted by Six Apart's TypePad. It all kinda makes sense now.
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    The more I think about the device, the more interesting I find it.


    The more I think about the price - including that of the extra apps - the less doable it sounds.
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    I sure hope that the applications for the Foleo will "kick it up a notch" in terms of the graphics that are used. If they simply port the ugly graphics from the existing Treo application it'll be a real shame. I would like to see more applications take the approach that GX5 (e.g. Dial By Photo) has taken. Great graphics make applications so much easier to look at. Of course the Foleo will have to have enough power to handle the higher graphics without dogging which is the biggest downside to the nicer look of the GX5 applications.
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