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    Made it to the Sneak Peek at the SF store. The lady at the door gave me a name tag and in I went like an excited kid. Woo! There were hors d'oeuvres and wine being served, how chic. People were crowding over the Foleos, about 5 were being demo'd. Waited my turn to play and finally I got my chance.

    I love the size. It's so portable and I could just easily stick it in my handbag without thinking twice. I love the rubber coated paint and the ribbed cover. Very ergonomically friendly. The instant on is no joke...and...OK look, I enjoyed the wine a bit too much so I'm a lil fuzzy with my memory right now, you'll have to excuse me and forgive me if this is a crappy review. But I do have pictures to make up for it!

    From what I remember though, the Foleo:
    -Has a mono speaker on the bottom of the device. Eh? Bottom? Wha?
    -Cannot view movies (yet)
    -Is surprisingly thin and sleek
    -Is not as heavy as I expected (like the weight of a meaty hard cover book)
    -Has an SD card slot on the side (and also uses CF, but I didn't notice that slot)
    -Ran from the wifi connection in the store which was decent while browsing (I'm very curious to see it run via BT) which brings me to my next point...
    -Can only connect to internet via BT or wifi (no USB)
    -Could not load (I'm hoping it's because these units are still Beta)
    -Battery life seems impressive from what I've heard from the employees (some have been using it for a week w/o a recharge)
    -Screen was very readable (what are you expending, HDTV?)

    The turnout was good at this store, even if it was hot as hell inside with all those people, good Lord. I even ran into wlmoore who started the original Sneak Peek thread, lol. And when I left, I got a goody bag!!! Wow, thank you Palm! Y'all really went out of the way for us. My favorite piece of swag in it? The $15 Starbucks card of course I love free swag. Especially geeky swag.

    Anyway, I'm glad I stopped by for a little bit. I know I want a Foleo next month. It's perfect for my needs. I'll leave the power hungry stuff to my Macbook Pro. The Foleo can live inside my bag!

    Now, on to the pictures...

    bring on the wine and cheese!

    some dude's hand

    ooh look at that!

    of course, my treo wanted a photo op too with the thang

    mmm. can i have it?

    just loving that size

    do you have any grey poupon

    foleo signage and wine

    lady at the door

    pure geekdom

    swag anyone?

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    That's pretty cool. We don't have a Palm store in St. Louis. I was at one in DC's Union Station last week and they didn't have any mention of the Foleo there that I could see, although it was a very small store.

    Can you do the think on the Treo? That wouold be pretty good as well. Thank you very much. And, don't eat too much sourdough bread for me.
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    omg i wish i went! i'm coming over to steal your swaaagggggggggggggggg
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    lol. u missed out girl! i hope you're deciding to get one...

    unfortch, meebo didn't load on these machines. maybe the final version will?
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    Amy said she specifically mentioned wanting to work, to some of the (other?) developers, when I said I wanted to try out web based chatting options.

    (You might've seen me there too, I was the guy in the burgundy dress shirt)

    And for the college crowd. Facebook works. =P

    I know I'm gonna be daydreaming about using a Foleo on the Foleo shaped brochure they gave me, and pressing imaginary keys, pretty often until I get my hands on one.


    On the developer sheet that was free for the taking, they listed Astraware, Avvenu, Bluefire, and MotionApps which we all know about, but I don't think people have mentioned:


    "EverNote Corporation develops software and services to expand human memory. EverNote, the award-winning flagship product is based on the company's pioneering data retrieval, image recognition and digital ink technologies. The company's products are used by millions of people every day and included with many popular mobile devices. More information about EverNote Corp. is available at"

    After checking out the website, EverNote looks interesting. I would like to have a wiki style application for the Foleo, like Note Studio, but EverNote would have some advantages over a wiki-type program for my needs. Not a definite buy for me... but a possibility.


    "Winner of five Shareware industry Awards, TealPoint bring its mobile expertise to the Foleo, with five exciting titles: TealSafe-the secure, encrypted data wallet, TealDiet-the health and exercise companion, TealPaint-the full featured drawing app and photo editor, ShortCircuit-the addictive action game, and SudokuAddict-the worldwide puzzle phenomenon."
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    Michelle, it was nice to meet you! I thought I was excited for the event, but your countdown posts took the cake!

    Gerome & Chupa-Proxy, I saw you there but I didn't know who you were until I read your posts afterwards. I would've said hi had I known.

    Amy pointed out someone from TreoCentral was there, and now I see it was none other than Annie Latham!

    As a bonus, leaving the event I happened to catch the same BART train as some of the Palm folks on their way back to Sunnyvale, so I got to chat some more and get some more info.

    So clearly the Palm store was the place to be last night!

    Funny of the Palm folks mistook me for Gameboy70 who went to the event in L.A. Tuesday. She was impressed that I had managed to make two events in one week. There is a passing resemblance so we had a laugh. I took a Treo self-portrait in the store as an homage to our own Foleo pioneer.
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    Michelle, Meebo's site seems to be down. Which might be why you were not able to get to it. Other than that, great review.
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    Meebo wasn't loading that night, but Amy told me she's tried it before, and got into the log in screen, but it wasn't signing in properly.

    And wow, that was a pretty high percentage of treocentral posters and a (contributor? writer? what's the title?) people there then. That's kinda cool, even though I didn't actually meet any of you guys. (But I do remember seeing the chupa-proxy taking pictures of the battery in my peripheral vision.)
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    It's great to hear you guys had a good time. I'm jealous because there are so many palm/foleo lovers out there. I only know one other poster from the DC area here...and happened to bump into him at our preview.
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    I'm from the DC area and was at the union station preview.. no idea who I ran into thought
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    Hey Wikka! What time were you there???
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    Yes, it was quite hot there, and far too many servers hawking little minifoods (peanut butter cups were tasty!!).

    It was nice to see the device as it stands right now. Seems that Palm was really trying to showcase the device (rather than in previous rollouts where they seemed more concerned about NASCAR trivia). It was a bit heavier than I expected (my 14" laptop is about 3 pounds), but the Fooleo is a beautiful looking device with an apparently well-built keyboard and many extra keyboard features like a 5-way and back/forth navigation buttons. Changing programs was zippy, though loading pages on the web had a noticeable lag - not sure if it was their connection or the "B" NIC.

    What I liked about it:

    -relative size
    -build quality
    -CF slot and SD slot (huh - no miniSD?!?)

    What was less-than-impressive:

    -Bluetooth 1.2 instead of 2.0 (hello?), 802.11b instead of b/g
    -CF and battery need to be accessed through unscrewing a couple screws beneath unit
    -Apparently no microphone or jack (skype and memo recording, anyone?)
    -Tethering this to Treo costs same as a regular laptop
    -Presently no support for movie playing (and if/when it comes you'll need to convert them to flash cards)
    -Weightier and larger than I'd want for such a limited-use device
    -priced in the range of low-end laptops, lots of compromises for weight savings

    Overall, it boils down to this for me:

    If their target market is road warriors for whom expense is no object - those people can afford a single device (laptop) that is small and lightweight and runs rings around the capabilities of this thing. Plus, it'll play DVDs right out of the box, which is what airplanes are for!

    If their target market is geeks or general consumers, it's priced too expensively and duplicates much of what the Treo already does (and sometimes does better) - except for the wide screen. Tethering costs are exactly as much as using it with a full-fledged laptop, you can't hotsync the Treo to it (right?) or run conduits to PC-hosted programs like Pocket Quicken.

    If it were $100-150, they'd probably find a good market for them. But at $500, I honestly can't see a lot of people who would spend that amount of disposable cash for what's essentially an email, muted Office suite, and Web viewer in a 10" LCD size. It's neat, but not compelling enough to add another wall-wart to my gadget-charging strip.

    That said, for a change Palm seemed to be genuinely listening to their attendees and interested in their feedback about the device. I personally think their strength is the Treo and they should concentrate on making it better and better rather than diluting themselves further... but they're already committed to bringing out the Fooleo and I hope they can prove me wrong on my points.

    The coffeemug and everything else was actually a very sweet gesture. Although I'm not sure what to do with a MicroSD version of an obscure Rolling Stones album... guess I'll have to find a microSD->MiniSD adapter to hear it...

    Just looked at your picture Michelle... hey- I didn't get a pen!!!
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    I think I was there between 5:30 and 6:30.. mostly asking software dev questions to that dude on the right who was doing the app demos
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    Quote Originally Posted by wikka View Post
    I think I was there between 5:30 and 6:30.. mostly asking software dev questions to that dude on the right who was doing the app demos
    I was there about the same time. Now that I see your pic with the Foleo, I remember you. I was waiting ever so impatiently for you to finish so I could go over and talk to him too, lol. I had just left the hospital so I was the redhead in scrubs. Had my God Son with me....he was watching Slingbox on my 755 trying to entertain himself. LOL
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