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    Does the Foleo support configurable fonts like Windows Mobile and Blackberry, or will we have to get a copy of FontSmoother to tune our font preferences?

    Also does Opera support Ctrl-+/- to make fonts bigger and smaller?

    HP200LX -> Palm Pilot -> Palm III -> Sony PEG-300 -> Sony PEG-N710C -> Treo 650 -> Treo 700p -> Treo 755p -> (iPhone or Treo 800L or something unexpected)??
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    The Foleo uses the Freetype font engine and comes with a set of fonts that are similar to what ships with Windows to make layout in the Docs-to-Go program as close as possible to Microsoft Office. The main system font is a bitmap font that is handed directly by the GUI layer. To tweak the font presentation, you would need to replace the FreeType library with a different build that has different settings turned on.

    The Web Browser does support zooming in and out, although I think the keyboard shortcuts are different that the desktop version of Opera. The browser actually uses a different font engine that is provided by the Opera core for its rendering, so Freetype settings will not affect it.

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