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    I'm guessing that in order to synch email between the Foleo and a Treo, the Treo is going to have to run Versamail. Hard to imagine they'd be able to make it sync with the variety of 3rd party email apps that are out there. So are Snapper and Chatter users going to be out of luck?

    On the other hand, hasn't Palm heard of IMAP? That is certainly an easy way to keep email boxes synced up, whether you're on multiple desktops, Treo, whatever. There must be a linux email client that supports IMAP. Could we get one to run on the Foleo? But then again, this begs the question of why buy a Foleo over an Asus eee in the first place.

    I'm really taken with the idea of a small (very portable) device which would handle email well, and basic web surfing, with a better screen and KB than my Treo. I don't feel like I need a true laptop. I think Hawkins is on to something for sure, but this implementation in the currently proposed Foleo seems lacking.
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    Probably for now it only supports VersaMail. But Palm bought Chatter so who knows they might surprise us and it can/will support both.

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