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    Quote Originally Posted by Gameboy70 View Post
    As it stands, the Foleo's Versamail will only synch with the Treo, POS and WM. The only phones the Palm will support when the Foleo ships are Treos.
    Actually, wouldn't that be all Treos and all WM devices since all WM devices share the same email/contacts database?

    Edit: I see, you mean officially support as opposed to just handle. Still, I think WM devices are universally uniform in this regard.

    I agree though there will have to be probably a small add-on to sync with other databases. Shouldn't be too hard though as it usually means pulling a single DB file on most devices.

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    I understand that it's easier to consistently synch email only across all smartphones. That's not suffificient reason to omit native support for the Palm Desktop. They already have the client's software architecture defined, the algorithms and data structures, so writing the actual code for at least the POS/WM PIMs would be relatively trivial, especially in the context of a 5-year project. Sony doesn't even support Macs with their consumer products (or even Windows Explorer drag-and-drop), so it's not like Palm would be pilloried if the Foleo lacked PIM suites for Symbian or SE systems.

    I've heard interesting speculation that Palm is gradually turning Versamail into a full-featured PIM suite, which wouldn't be surprising, considering how much it looks like Outlook. Or maybe that's just wishful thinking. Maybe they really are just leaving everything to MotionApps. I just think that there has to be a more substantial reason for avoiding the issue than cross-platform consistency.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brandorr View Post
    I tend to agree with you, but not for the reasons you express.
    I think there is one major technical issue that people are not registering.

    Palm has stated that the Plan for the Foleo is to have it sync with Blacberries Windows mobile, PalmOS, Nokia, and Applw Smartphones. Unfortunately there is no standard for PIM data across these various platforms, so a one size fits all contacts app, is probably not neccesarily the best use of Palm's resources. I suspect as timw goes on much of this PIM data will be available on the internet, requiring a standalone PIM app on the Foleo as a lower and lower priority. (I suspect that the connecter writers will provide the PIM apps.
    Good news Brandorr, ever heard of syncML or the OMA ( Using cheap or free OMA DS(Data Synchronisation or formerly syncML) client software, you can sync even a Treo 650 PIM data and email across the internet. At least 350 mobile devices are currently supported. Their work on DM or Device Management is building a standard framework for managing mobile devices. It sure will make my job easier as I am currently supporting Treo 650, 680, 700wx on Cingular and Sprint and currently testing BB8830 and Treo 755p on Sprint. (We also have a rogue BB on Nextel's PTT network but didn't test it yet.) I can sync mail and PIM data on all of them using my same (pre-existing and inexpensive) server infrastructure while allowing the users to have the device that best suits them. With DM services in the future, I'll be able to remotely lock, wipe or limit functionality on all of them without needing different and dissimilar apps on each. The means for keeping a Foleo sync'd with an iPhone sync'd to an iMac sync'd to a server sync'd with a Treo, is already available. Getting all the players to provide native clients is the key. Mainly a few small vendors are writing all the clients right now. And yes work has been and continues to be done to work across bluetooth OBEX. What modern computing device doesn't supprt that??
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