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    In TC's article on Palm's recent job cuts, Jennifer Chappel makes a passing reference to a rollout of the Foleo's new Linux OS:
    It's been a busy month for Palm corporate news. They avoided a total buyout in favor of some investment and new board members. They announced their new product, the Foleo. They even, for those that were paying attention, rolled out (the first version of) their new Linunx OS on the Foleo.
    Did I miss something? I haven't heard anything on the specifics of the OS being used, other than a few bloggers noting which Linux kernel was used based on a screenshot. Any links?
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    we are all waiting. i haven't come across any more info regarding the new os yet. it (or something very similar) will probably be on the next treo. palm os on linux and backwards compatibility for palm os software, or so, i am hoping.
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    I'm sure you're right. That quote was probably poor wording on the journalist's part. I'm curious to see how easy it'll be to port apps from QT/TK/GTK frameworks. If Mono is supported, for instance, that would open up the possibility of writing binary-compatible apps to run in the Foleo as well as Windows.
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    Sure, anything can be supported on Linux/pxa2 (Marvell/Intel PXA2xxx ARM-based processor) if there's a toolchain and appropriate libraries available. I wouldn't want to run Windows binary-compatible apps on a Foleo just like I wouldn't want to run MacOS X apps on my Treo.

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