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    Quote Originally Posted by LoganT View Post
    600 dollars with 100 dollar MIB.
    5 hours is nice, I guess.
    Who cares?
    I do!

    Seriously man, I used to be a developer, and back in those days I would have never wanted the folio... But now I own a business and I ONLY use word processing stuff, web, and eamil... This thing was MADE for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Golgo 13 View Post
    the foleo is an accessory to the smartphone, and the phone has a camera... no need.
    I was thinking more as in video conferencing. But yeah you got a point there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by frydog View Post
    That ultraportable from ASUS so blows the Foleo and the Subnotebook from VIA out of the water.

    I have been both a fan and user of both Palm products and VIA Mini-ITX and Nano-ITX system boards for years.

    The Foleo is a day late and to pricey

    While the VIA Subnotebook is so clunky looking and probably won't give you the horsepower your probably expecting.

    I hope all three though shake up the market place so we can get some good solid ultraportable computing devices. Yeah yeah, the treo is good as a phone and data consolidating device but not so much so as a web machine. The I-phone is a wait and see but I will miss the REAL keyboard. Most other UPMC macines are nice but really hampered by trying to run a full Version of XP or Tablet XP they get over burdened. Now the ASUS may have it close to right.

    Hrmmm where can I get one for my next holiday?
    The Foleo is the keyboard and screen for the iphone....
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    How about this:
    When it comes to hardware, speculation centres on a rumoured fourth-revamp of the iMac, with a new recycling-friendly aluminium case, and the much-anticipated 'MacBook nano', a compact, lightweight laptop with Flash memory for near-instant booting. Potentially it could employ Intel's Robson platform . If such a machine is unveiled and nano is its name, then expect the Mac mini to be renamed and given its ageing hardware, revamped.
    Hmm, a "compact, lightweight laptop with Flash memory for near-instant booting"?
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