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    "This week, Palm came out with a Wrist and Forearm."

    --Michael Feldman, Whad'Ya Know, public radio
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    I still like TOA.

    But a palm, wrist and forearm are good for another activity...
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    This is about as concise as I can get. Palm's foleo is comparable to a shipbuilder constructing a barge out of lead and hoping it floats.....
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    the difference is, a lead barge is going somewhere.
    and it can kill little fish.
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    I think palm may be killing much of the interest in their future prospects with "lead" ships like the foleo, tho.
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    this is going to generate a lot of interest. its like a triathalon.
    jump the shark run under the bus and shoot yourself in the foot.
    ready palm? get on your mark. set. go!

    oh palm wins again. the only two time medal winner of this event in history.

    so palm when you started this triathalon. what was going through your head?
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