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    The Foleo idea is cool, as we oftentimes need a big screen and a keyboard: library, supermarket, working in starbucks, train or plane.

    But it would just be easier if it was: a 10 inch screen on a keybord, with a battery, synced by kable or bluetooth with Windows mobile, LETTING YOU USE ALL APPS you have on your PPC (Word, Excel, PP, Mail, Calendar, Tasks, My Life Organized, bookkeeping) but just on the huge screen and with a keyboard.

    Why doesn't it exist?

    The software seems to already exists:

    The first enterprise who will glue together a keyboard, with a 10 " screen and a battery in a cool, light and flat design, showing your Windows Mobile PPC content, will make a huge business - AND FOLEO IS INSTANTLY DEAD, as you cannot install your software on foleo

    I would uby it right away - even for 600 USD

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