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    It looks good, would look much better if it were say, 199.00 w/ a new Treo purchase.
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    Bland, at best. Where's the damn trackpad?
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    Someone else thinks it might work,00.htm

    An excerpt:
    A full keyboard and display will certainly appeal to a small group of Windows Mobile and BlackBerry users, and let's not forget the biggest complaint about the iPhone--lack of tactile feedback when typing--a gap the Foleo might just fill.

    Let's take it a little further: What if the Symbian OS follows? Nokia's Series 60 and Sony Ericsson's UIQ devices will complete the circle. Even if a tiny percentage of all the mentioned OS users bite, Palm might have a bestseller on its hands.
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    I'm not sure about that - the reason people buy smartphones or stuff like the nokia e-line (I have an e61) is because they want to access emails and the web off a small device that is in their pocket. Sure there are problems with that model of usage but those users like that they are not lugging a bag or a charger - just their phone in their suitpocket.

    I've got use to checking my email while moving so sitting down to get out a device is a step backwards
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    Yes 199.99 sounds perfect for me too, I would actually by 2 of them, one for me and the wife. There is a thread where you can vote on this price .Let your voice be heard maybe the Palm execs will be listening.

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