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    The fundamental problem with the Foleo is very simple - the basic premise that the smartphone is the center of your mobile world is flawed. All other problems (except price) emanate from that.

    Once you realize the fundamental flaw, you understand all the subsequent decisions. Who cares about Windows/Mac compatibility and running the same apps as you have at home, because in reality your "hub" is running PalmOS, WM6 or (eventually) Symbian? A 10" screen is great because your "hub" has only a 3" screen. Who cares about storage because it relies on the Treo as your hub. And so on.

    Let's take the prime driver of the Foleo as professed by Hawkins: email. How many people actually keep email on their Treo? Last count, I had 3500 emails in my Gmail account, over 500 MB of email in my corporate Exchange account, but only 2 emails on my Treo. For me, email on the Treo is a very "transient" experience - I check, consider and delete quickly, because I know I've got limited memory. In fact, the prime reason I picked a PalmOS Treo over WM5 was that I could delete email much faster on the Treo! For email to be a "killer" app, you need to have all of your old emails, the conversations, the attachments, the history. But I'll never put all that on my Treo, lest it be stolen and my life along with it.

    Palm thinks the market is big enough for the Foleo, so the question goes out to you: is the Treo your hub? Your PC (or Mac)? Or the Net? Let's count how many people pick the Treo, and that will give us an idea of how many of these Foleos will actually sell!
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    Great question. For me, my Treo is my hub. And I see exactly where the Foleo fits because it is

    To those whose hub is their laptop/desktop, they will feel differently. And justly so.

    Oh yea, there will be a ton of people who will say their PC is their hub, not realizing that its been their Treo driving their PC for at least a year
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    Gotta say my universe sits on my server. Exchange. SQL Server. Documents.

    Email is off the Treo as fast as possible -- save to the server (easy with Pocket Outlook -- a folder is set up and Worldox (; fabulous software) takes it away and stores it in the right place via drag and drop) or delete.

    Contacts/calendar/etc. are all synced from Exchange to my 750.

    I would do more on the Treo but the main engine for the business (; not quite so fabulous software) can't talk to the 750.

    Which means that ProLaw may have to go. (I wonder if enterprise apps vendors understand that they may lose customers based on failure to play nicely with smartphones and failure to provide highly mobile functionality?).

    I would be totally net-based if I could. Owning servers is expensive.

    I could live with the Treo 750 and a laptop. Err, make that a subnotebook. (I have a Dell X1). And trade the 750 for a similar form-function smartphone that isn't Windows Mobile. Yeah the 750 is powerful but the 650 was aesthetically clean and worked well. Shoulda stuck with the 650. Gadget lust got me.
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    Right now my hub is my desktop PC. I want to it to a moble device. More than likely it will be a "Menlow" based UMPC. To have unlimited storage space that I control, I'm thinking about using Windows Home Server. I'm also thinking about replacing my desktop PC with a laptop (My desktop PC is OLD - Dell Dimension 4100).
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    I live off my Treo. I have no time to use my Macbook. I use the treo for everything.
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    Well, I actually do consider my Treo (680) my hub. 80% of the time, it is where I do corporate and personal email. In both cases, that email largely sits on the server, but I keep a fair amount of it on the Treo (thanks Chatter and SD storage!) as necessary for local lookups, etc. I *also* use the Treo 99% for IM.

    But that said, I am irritated that Palm has sold us that the Foleo is the "next big thing." You must be joking. You expect me to carry a mini-laptop/handheld arround in addition to my Treo, which I can wear? A device like this should liberate and enable... but it sounds like this thing is intended to be a boat anchor for a Treo (or smartphone in general) and is hobbled by not enough RAM for serious use and not enough processor capacity to make it any more capable than the Treo is now.

    The best examples I've ever seen of this approach have focused on the PC as the problem, and the companion as the way to bring more of the PC experience into a package you can actually be mobile with. But all this thing does is slap a big display and a big keyboard (and delete cell radios) from what would otherwise be a great platform (linux) for a... drumroll please.... Treo.

    Perhaps I'm simply not the target audience for this thing. But having used similar CE-based devices back in the late 90's (HP Jornada 820 being one of them) and loving it rather than lugging a laptop everywhere.... I don't see the same approach working as an add-on or alternative to Treo.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tastypeppers View Post
    Shoulda stuck with the 650.
    You still can...
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    As long as they're still on eBay, I'm giving up my 650 when they pry it from my cold, dead hands...
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    It depends. For photo, all my pictures are online (flickr). For music and video, I use to believe in stream. But after playing with orb and Sprint TV, I have decided to keep the library in 2 8GB SDHC cards.

    Transcoding is really easier than you think. My portable mp3 files are in 56kps join audio mp3 format. My portable video files are in QVGA DivX 356kps format - I value quantity over quality.

    I don't even watch SD video at home anymore. If the TV show doesn't available on HDTV I won't watch it. For the very few movies I try to watch them at the theater.

    For simple documents, I try to keep them in google documents and in offline html format.

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