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    Its just another device that works with Treos, as they said a Treo companion. Thats not a new business to me. What additions can Palm make to actually make thie a new 3rd business different from PDA's and treo's?
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    Well I think from reading the Hawkins interview that its not quite where he wants it to be yet, and its clear that this is their first version. If it catches on like he seems to think it eventually will, I'd imagine it'd be a whole class of products replacing all computers in the house. Kind of like Minority Report, where Anderton goes into the mall, and the displays all recognize his eyes and give him data, I think Hawkins envisions something similar that does the same via your smartphone and Bluetooth, so eventually I could POSSIBLY see this becoming a whole new class of devices, whereas now its just an accessory.
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    It's a different business because it has a different technology platform, different development teams, different marketing, different business partnerships, different budget, etc.

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