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    Seriously.... all this hullballoo by Jeff Hawkins and Palm about how the Foleo is supposed to be a companion to the smartphone and how smartphones are going to replace the desktop computer....well they why the hell Palm have you been soooo friggin lazy on updating the specs on the Treos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    C'mon that makes no sense to me! Were you waiting for the Palm Linux distro you have loaded on the Foleo to finish so you could port to the Treos? Why all the delay on adding some really interesting features like large nand storage (4GB etc), wifi, satellite gps, more powerful cameras and etc?!!! Ugh...
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    I'll second that. Why is it that we haven't seen an increase in Processor speed in the Treo line since the 650? The desktop/notebook world hasn't exactly been stagnant in CPU development...
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