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    I was expecting something along the same mind set as a Foleo. But, I was thinking it was going to be a very small tablet pc like device
    - runing the new OS.
    - 4.5 inch x 5 inch touch screen
    - BT 2.0 (works with bluetooth keyboard)
    -400-500mhz processor
    -support most media
    - doc2 to go editor and reader
    - adobe reader.
    -usb 2.0
    -3.5mm jack
    -mini usb port
    -no removable battery
    I was expecting a detachable keyboard or no keyboard and buy your own BT keyboard.

    I wasn't expecting a laptop. I'm sure by the day this releases most of us will be all over it (like the iPhone).
    But for now, I am confused and the device bums me out.
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    I agree. They could even have made it the size it is, but a convertible tablet design. Maybe like the old Vadem Clio... My favorite designed HPC. Then I would pay $500 bucks for it.
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    That would be a sweet Treo/smartphone companion
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    What surprises me is that Palm used to be and to some extent still is all about the one-handed experience on a Treo. That's one of the things that's made the Treo phones so successful (even with the archaic PalmOS). This Foleo doesn't seem to follow that same easy of use philosophy that the Treos do. If I have to pull something out and open it up and use it with two hands, it's gonna be my Macbook Pro, not a Foleo, because honestly, even a Macbook Pro is about 5lbs, not that heavy, and an inch thin. The thing boots up in 22-23 seconds, pairs and DUN's over the treo in seconds, so why do I need a Foleo again?

    PS - forget that the real laptop actually has some CPU muscle and multimedia features.

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