The reason Palm released this garbage is simple-$$$$$$$

Hawkins and Colligan make millions of $$ each month on Palm stock options and all that cash made them lazy. Colligan makes about half a million a month and Hawkins a million a month. And dont tell me that all companies do this. At least those companies know how to run a business. These options come at the expense of earnings which reduce the value to Palm shareholders.

The Treo 600 and 650 turned Palm around and thats when they started to cash in and its no coincidence that no real new devices have been developed since.

I really believe they made the Folio to just to keep Palm afloat so they can keep cashing in on options, same with the 755p just minor upgrade to 700p.

These guys may be good engineers but they suck as buisnessmen.
Palm needs a REAL CEO from the business world like RIMM CEO Basille.

Palm puts out products that they think you need instead of listening to what you want.