Today was suppose to be the day when Palm dances with Apple, RIM, (insert other mfg here) and regains their dominance in the marketplace.

Today was suppose to be the day when Palm says thats great Apple, but, we were the pioneers in the smartphone market, and shove your iphone where it doesn't belong.

Today was suppose to be the day when Palm released a new Linux OS that featured the simplicity and elegance of classic Palm and the modern functions of today.

Today was suppose to be the day when Palm showed we can be slim too! Not .1 inches slimmer. Heck, the .94 inch Foleo is thicker than some portable laptops! Maybe someone else will produce a slim Foleo!

Today was suppose to be the day when Palm used ingenuity to sell themselves. I'm not a big fan of Apple, however, the iPhone keynote speach is stuff that companies dream of. Excellent execution.

Today was suppose to be the day when Palm could succesfully release a product without leaking it to the market. Come on Palm - whoever is responsible for the blogs should be walloped with a paddle! How could you fall down before your finish line? (By the way the finish line is up the wrong mountain)

So, do we hold em or fold em? Has Hawkins lost touch with reality? I can understand the premise, but for $500, you can buy a small cheap laptop. Most people don't want to buy a third device. Heck, OLPC is producing a $100 laptop with more ingenuity. The Foleo is too big, expensive, and not enough features. Can Palm regain their focus and get back to the basics?

My only hope is that smart people like Marc, chatteremail programmer, would be smart enough to see the future, and know there is something awesome down the road. Something to be released in another year or two. Maybe the iPhone GUI programmer that started at Palm is also smart enough to make changes. Maybe Hawkins still has it, and the trump card is still in his hands.

I think within a year, Palm's fate will be decided. If Palm can't deliver a modern device in the next year, it will be over. Palm won't have enough chips to play with the other players. Other OEMs will release their next gen devices within the next year to far surpass where Palm wants to be 3 years from now.

I upgraded again to the 755p, however, in the next year, I need to figure out which player has enough chips to make a run for the money.