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    All kidding aside, the Foleo may not be the commercial success that Palm hopes. However, I can see this thing becoming one of those devices that, once the hackers get their hands on, could become a cult classic. Gadget history is filled with devices that found success when hacked for other means than their original intent. Some examples include the original Xbox and the Linksys WRTG(S) routers.

    I am not saying this WILL happen, rather that it could. The Linux OS is the perfect starting point. Having flash-based expandibility as well as WiFi and BT 2.0 offer all the connectivity options necessary. Think of applications like the SlingPlayer that can make this your mobile, large screen extension of your DVR. Future incarnations may include a camera that can make this a mobile web conferencing solution. I understand that a laptop can do all of these things now, but the Bottom line: it is the add-on software possibilities that may actually push this device to succeed.

    Despite the possibilities, I, like many here still consider this a let down. Unless the announced device matched the "pie-in-the-sky" type of gadget as described on this site last night, we were all being set up for disappointment. I lay the blame mostly on Palm, though, for having built this "3rd Arm" up for so long. The secrecy and speculation set an almost impossible bar to reach. Palm should have been more forthcoming all along if they wanted to avoid the backlash that is apparently taking place now. It seems the only way they can rectify this situation is to make the next Treo that absolutely killer device we had all hoped to see today.
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    Sure it could become a cult hit: with Plamtown Koolaid drinkers!
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    I think its got a great chance of being a cult hit...

    .... it will be the object they burn as a sacrifice to their gods
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    Sure, it might.. They'll sell at least 2000, eh? That should recoup.... hmm.. 2 years of development time..... About 0.01% of their R&D?

    I just hope this doesn't kill Palm. I want a Treo with the new OS, but a wimpy half-laptop I have no interest in unless the price gets around $200 and it can run X apps.

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