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    What do you think?
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    In a word... why? (As in, why buy one of these things, really?) I'm just not seeing the point.
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    Let me play devil's advocate here for a moment.

    Don't people need a large screen and large keyboard? Why not just create another device to sell that has really high margins and call it the trend of the future?

    Of course my response is: We already have BT keyboards and smartphones with projection/broader video connection capabilities are on the way. Shouldn't Plam have spent its R&D money in the latter direction?
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    They could just put the phone in the Foleo, and throw-in a BT headset (oh, with Caller ID display, A2DP, the whole bag of tricks), that would be so much more useful. Or a "WiFi headset" (do such things exist?).
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    Problem is, this Fooleo is too big and dumb to be a smartphone.
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    1. It was cheaper. While there are so many cheaper laptops available, it's a very hard sell. Say $350, tops.

    2. It was just a bit smaller. 8 inch widescreen, say, so it would (perhaps awkwardly) fit in a jacket pocket. As it is, it will have to be carried as a laptop - so you need a laptop bag. I bet airlines won't let passengers carry a Foleo and a laptop in the cabin either (I know that sounds dumb, but I bet there'll be a need to do this sooner or later).

    3. (It may do this already). It needs to be able to share a charger with your existing phone, or at least with current Treos, so you don't have another thing to carry.

    4. It had in built PIM facilities, so it could be sold to users of other internet connected phones.

    5. It had industry standard VPN & thin client support built in. Less is more here, and IT departments might like a laptop alternative that was going to have less sensitive data on it when it was stolen, or the user left their employment. And a device that was less likely to stolen/appropriated by user anyway, come to that.

    But it isn't these. It looks more like a panic measure than a thought-out product. ("We need a new product fast - what ideas have R&D got? Foleo? I thought we dumped that one when the folding displays didn't work out? Oh well, it will have to do. Can we throw together a photo-album application at least??"). Unless it changes, it's an Edsel or a Newton of our time.
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    Your points are well made.
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    So long Fooleo, we hardly knew ya.

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