but after seeing the Foleo - I'm relieved.....

Hawkins is right - sometimes you need a bigger screen and bigger keyboard and in my business I struggled with that for a while - so had to carry a laptop.

But about 6 weeks ago I bought a Nokia N800 Internet Tablet (800 x 480 resolution and Linux). Then I heard about the upcoming Palm release so I almost returned the N800.

Thanks goodness I didn't!

Who would spend $500 on the Foleo, when you can have an N800 for $400?

And you get 2 SD card slots, WiFI, Bluetooth, 800x480 screen, nice browser, email capabilities, the ability to edit Doc files and Excel files, awesome media software, streaming audio at home via web through built in Stereo Speakers (and built in stand).

Via Bluetooth I can access the web (paired to my 680) while I'm on the road on a full size screen and what's the biggest advantage?

The N800 can fit in my pocket - the Foleo cannot.

If I have to lug around a Foleo, why not just bring the laptop?

This thing will fail big time.....

I'm glad I sold all my Palm stock a long time ago......