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    No moving parts, longer battery life and smallish size = good niche device.
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    Now tha's a gigantic market. And it only took Hawkins five years to realize his vision according to the PCMag review.
    Remember, the "P" in PDA stands for personal.
    If it works for you, it is "P"erfect.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brandorr View Post
    No moving parts, longer battery life and smallish size = good niche device.
    Absolutly correct!!!

    I know everyone seems to hate the Foleo. I understand.

    I really don't like the idea of no built in PIM Calendar or Address Book. I also don't like the idea of no email via Wifi.

    Now the good ....

    1) NO MOVING PARTS. CF Flash or SD Flash memory for "disk" storage.

    2) Linux. This may be back to the future, but if DOSBOX works on this platform (It works with most LINUX, Macintosh, and Windows platoforms) I can run many DOS applications including the hp200LX Connectivity Pack... to get a PIM and a HP calc...

    3) With the Web browser, I can access WEB EMAIL or the Outlook WEB access for Exchange Server EMAil. Who needs the email client I want.

    4) My complaint with the iPhone is NO keyboard. I have been waiting for someone to announce a bluetooth or usb keyboard for the iphone. Now the Foleo is announced that (according to one report) will work with the iPhone, and I have the keyboard, a large screen, and CF or SD memory to use with the iphone.

    When you recognize that the Foleo is to work with Treos, Palm and Windows Mobile, and if it can be made to work with the Blackberries or the iPhone, then if you think outside of the box, it is a perfect companion (as announced). Why do you need to have video or other multimedia on the Foleo when it will be available on the paired Treo, WM device, or iPhone? All you need is to be able to display what is on the Smartphone and use the keyboard for input...

    I wanted an emate (as my first Newton) but was waiting for the upgrade. I have tried the Samsung UMPC, but found it too hard to use without a keyboard. I have used many other microPCs.

    Today I use a Cingular 8525. I have the stowaway bluetooth keyboard to use with it. I find the combination useful. I don't like the small screen.

    I would find the foleo perfect as a compainion to my 8525. I just hope that the Doc's to Go works with the Pocket Word/ Excel/ Powerpoint. I also hope there will be a way to enter calendar or contact data on the Foleo and have that sync immediatly with the smartphone (including all Windows Moble).

    This has real potential.

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