[DISCLAIMER: I have been a lifelong Palm fan. I owned the Palm Proessional and virtually ever iteration of their devices since then. I loved Palm for a good ten years.]

Um, what are they thinking? Is this a joke? If the price were $199 or $249, then maybe. If the form factor were much smaller, then maybe. If the battery life were 10 or 15 hours, then maybe. If this were 1999, then maybe. But I'm sorry Palm, I already have a laptop that syncs with my Treo--it's running Windows and the Palm Desktop and it's not *that* much more expensive or larger than this Foleo gadget. It does everything I need and a million times more than the Folio, Folyoe, Foileo...whatever. Worst "idea" ever--in quotes because it barely even qualifies as an original thought.

Obvioulsy the guy who thought of this thing was the creator of the best-selling, amazing, LifeDrive--too large for your pocket and too small to be useful. And too expensive and not enough battery life and not enough storage, etc., etc., etc. What a winner that was. Or maybe Foleo was conceived by the guy who invented the Tungsten sliding thingy. Another winner. Or maybe it was invented buy the person who moved Palm's support overseas creating the worst possible tech support in the universe. Congrats, Palm, you have the worst idea paired with the worst tech support. Foleo should be a real winner on all levels!!!

Steve Jobs, who is a jerk, to be sure, but also a product design genius, must be laughing hysterically.

[FINAL DISCLAIMER: I'm sorry, but I'm a disgruntled Treo 650 and 700p user and this loser of a product really bums me out. As my Treo 700p lags and lags and lags, Palm releases this crud. It's just a bummer. Sorry for the negativity.]