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    TreoCentral's Dieter Bohn will meet with Palm later this afternoon (5PM PST). Please post questions for Palm here, and we will try to get some of them answered.


    note by Dieter: Here's the interview:

    I'll post a transcript and answers to more questions (from me) on Saturday.
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    Why not include a harddrive? What other ebook format it will support other then PDF? Will it support music files (WMA, MP3)?
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    Show him the poll results....
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    Why does it only have a 128mb hard drive?
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    Does this support audio at all? What kind of phono jack if so? Speakers? Battery life while listening to music?

    Any video codecs supported to watch videos off an SD card (since there's no DVD drive like any other similar-sized Notebook would have)?
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    Besides size, what is the advantage of carrying this device rather than a laptop?
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    I'd like to ask what kind of a development platform (SDK and such) be available for the Foleo? When will it be available?
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    Why would I buy this when I can get a laptop with similar dimensions, similar power specifications, and yet full featured?

    Since the foleo is bluetooth, how does it deal with smartphones that have sub par bluetooth implementations (Treo 700p, etc.)?
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    Why is it a step back in technology and heavier than a 3 year old laptop like:

    Sharp MM20 laptop. It is almost 3 years old. It weighs 2lbs with a 3-4 hour battery. It weighs 2.5 pounds with a 8-9 hour battery. It has a 10.4" LCD that displays millions of colors. It has WiFi and a pcmica slot. It can handle DivX video and FlashPlayer9. It has a 20GB hard drive. I run Linux on it, but it came stock with WindowsXP. It cost $1500 when it was new, last time you could by it new it cost $599 (about 1 year ago).
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    Does the Foleo just use the Treo's Bluetooth DUN? or will we have to get Sprint's PAM plan to tether for internet connectivity?
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    Why not create a device with a foldable keyboard (similar to ones already available) with a flexible LCD screen to have a truly portable keyboard/big screen companion?
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    Where's the 700P MR?
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    Who is the intended buyer for this device? Business? Consumer? Mix?

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    where is the real jeff hawkins?
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    Is this some sort of elaborate prank? You're getting the community all worked up about this before you release the "real" announcement just so you get some free publicity?
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    Remember, the "P" in PDA stands for personal.
    If it works for you, it is "P"erfect.
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    Can we expect to see any of the Foleo's technology (read: the Linux OS) in a Treo this year? If not, when?
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    I don't get this.

    Today, I can cable my laptop to my 755 for Internet access. So let's say I wanted to do the same thing with my 755 and this new Foleo. How would I do that?

    So why would I carry a Foleo around instead of my laptop? I guess I'd have to xfer all my important docs to my 755, so I can access them on the Foleo? Why would I bother?

    What am I missing here?
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    Why did you guys stop innovating? Did you figure that when Sony clies left you could just sit back and do nothing?!
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    1. Can it run off-the-shelf Linux apps?
    2. Can it run PalmOS apps?
    3. Does it have the same Linux that will eventually be in future Treos?
    4. What happened to the critical importance of pocketability and one-handed operation?
    5. Why Docs-to-Go instead of OpenOffice?
    6. Why Opera instead of Firefox?
    7. Why Linux instead of Windows?
    8. Is there a possibility for a Windows version?
    9. How many models of Foleo to be released in the next year?
    10. What are some possible variations or future features?
    11. Have the specs for the Foleo been finalized?
    12. Can you make Skype calls on this?
    13. Can you connect to a PC network and access files?
    14. Have they talked with many customers about this yet, and do they have any sales lined up?
    15. What are projected sales of the Foleo for the next year?
    16. Is it compatible with Chatter Email on the Treo?
    17. When will Chatter make its way into Palm devices?

    Unrelated to Foleo:
    18. Is there a new Palm Desktop on the way?
    19. Will we see a Linux Treo before the end of this year?
    20. Will we see GPS in any Palm devices in the next year?
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