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    My prediction is halfway correct so far.... Foleo is dead (even sooner than I expected). All I need is for Palm to roll down the drain and, sadly, I'll be 100% correct in this prediction.

    At least Palm won't waste any more $$$ on Foleo, after the first $10 million flushed. Is there any cash left for *market-driven* innovation at Palm?
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    Guys, Palm is working on something really big that is going to blow everybody away. Marc Blank is proud of his work and if he is then it must be really nice. So the Foleo was just an extension to their business so that they have an alternative business. You know? They used to have PDAs and Smartphones, but it seems like the PDA business is just very small these days so they wanted to have a second business and that is all. The smartphone team is still in great shape and now with all hands on deck we must be seeing something really nice pretty soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dnheller View Post
    ...Foleo probably has drained so much development resource from PalmOS smart phone devices, that little or nothing will be left to compete with other vendors...
    Now that Foleo is cancelled, I can reveal all.

    The Foleo was not a distraction for Palm. It was meant to distract us (you) from the failings of recent Palm products.
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