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    we didn't have any "rumors".....or a section on "future treos"

    what a stupid ACCESSORY !

    Why would I get this instead of a subnotebook computer?

    The only advantage I see is the "instant on" (heard of wake from sleep?)
    wifi and linux development.

    How can a company go from a Palm Vx (the most stylish device / gadget of its time) - completely miss the mark with phone/pda convergence - get outdone by sony in their own platform - resurrect themselves with Treos - and now .... this POS???

    I think the Treo is one of the best devices on the market (even with all their "one-trick" ponying us).... and their flops and short comings....
    But this company does not deserve to be in this marketplace. And I say this even though it means I will lose my investment in software and hardware and ease of use in the Palmosphere...

    What a disaster.

    And just look at all the responses from people....
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