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    Palm Foleo - first images2 minutes ago by JG Mason
    palm foleo Here we go, Palm confirmed Foleo to be unveiled later today. Here are the highlights:. Primary Capabilities and Attributes of the Foleo Mobile Companion:. One-button access to full-screen email; Instant on, instant off ...
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    SlashGear Photos: Palm’s Folio companion device leaked early3 minutes ago by Chris Davies
    ... on the device (that “it starts today with a focus on wireless email, and we expect the Foleo to grow in features and expand its capabilities as the platform grows”) seem to overlap pretty strongly with the existing product line. ...
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    No Big Deal - It’s Only a Palm Foleo7 minutes ago by Steve Sande
    Once again, we have a device with hype exceeding the reality - the Palm Foleo. Billed as a Mobile Companion, it’sa 2.5 lb. wireless (Bluetooth, WiFi) net device. Think of it as a laptop that has limited functionality and you’re there. ...
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    Palm Foleo released10 minutes ago by Steve
    The Palm Foleo is a 2.5 pound companion to a smart phone, photo browsing and editing capabilities for Word, Excel and Powerpoint. It has a web browser, a PDF viewer and comes with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. It will be $499, ...
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    New Palm Foleo ehh…11 minutes ago by Mark
    The new Palm Folio is a 10 inch laptop that connects to your Palm Treo so you can check email, attachments, and browse the web. At $499, you can buy a cheap laptop, wireless card, and do the same thing. Palm made a big deal of this, ...
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    why would I carry a Foleo with me? I'll take my laptop and be able to do twice as much twice as fast! Sync? Are you kidding - this thing should have been realtime. When is it coming out? Christmas? Why even bother telling us about it. Just another Palm flop as far as I'm concerned.
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    I think I actually found a use for this overhyped device. I could use this to access my University site, which I do constantly to check email and so forth. The university I teach at houses all our files over the web and I also teach several classes over the web as well, this might actually have some use for me. Now I need a treo with bluetooth 2.0 - oh wait never mind, since it will support WM devices and other phones, i will just use it with my never to be released Titan.
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    This POS makes the LifeDrive look good!!!
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    It's a laptop?
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    Quote Originally Posted by GreenHex View Post
    It's a laptop?

    I think by today's standards the correct term would be "luggable"...
    Luminary? You've got to be kidding!
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    I honestly cant believe this. Its limited as it is and on top of it youtube and others wont run? wow. Well it will be a success if they`re only hoping a couple of people will buy one this year.

    Look out below, the foleo bomb is going to drop like a 40 ton nuke.
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    Any info on the OS? Linux?

    This is exactly the device no one needed at this time.
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    It's Linux.

    Um, isn't this company called Palm? Why do we now have a product for a table?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Musicman247 View Post
    It's Linux.

    Um, isn't this company called Palm? Why do we now have a product for a table?
    Good point!

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