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    a true POS
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    It's not a's a TOA.
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    I think everyone pretty much hit it on the head...

    I'm baffled as to why they put such garbage on the market, maybe this was some publicity stunt between Palm and Elevation to hype the stock value...i don't know, but if this thing sells even remotely well I am getting out of IT and switching my career to marketing.
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    I don't have a Treo, but I'm a long-time Palm devotee and fanatical user of a T/X; it's basically used as a surrogate for my iBook, goes everywhere with me and enables me to do probably 75% of the work I need to do in running my small business. There are many critical Palm apps I rely on, in addition to the PIM functions: FileMaker Mobile, Pocket Quicken, Documents to Go, Palm Reader, WorldMate, Wallet and others.

    I use a folding wireless keyboard, which has its obvious limitations, namely that a solid surface is required. There are times that I need to take notes when riding around in a car (not driving!) or somewhere that a desk isn't available; I can use my laptop, but it takes time to boot it up. An instant-on, relatively inexpensive, non-Windows, small laptop that I can flip open and closed as needed and come right back to where I was would be ideal. The longer battery life would be good too; I get maybe 90 minutes with my iBook. In addition, of course the T/X screen is fine for reading email, brief web surfing and such but not something you want to spend hours squinting at when working on a spreadsheet or complex database. If I could use my critical Palm apps with a nice big screen and keyboard, I'd be sold.

    So, I *might* consider a Foleo if:
    -it will synch with a T/X
    -it will run Palm apps other than the email clone and web browsing
    -the price comes down to say $300 (I'd probably sell my folding keyboard)

    Bonus would be to *also* be able to synch it with my Blackberry for email when wifi isn't available.
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