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    It hasn't even officially been announced yet so my rants are just that. Maybe it's just a bad dream. I'll go back to bed and see if things are different tommorrow.

    I feel like we are going to be getting a stripped down version of this that is capable of doing scheduled bluetooth hotsyncs with our Treo. It will probably also work with bluetooth dun and of course if Sprint finds out you have one you will be charged extra for data. No wonder no FCC info. It probably doesn't need approval.
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    A new Chattermail...
    The Opera browser...
    The whole Linux OS...

    Not for what amounts to an accessory.

    This will be a standalone device. Maybe not in its initial incarnation, but there will be a Treo 600 to this Treo 180. That's the optimistic view.

    I just hope Palm knows how silly they will look if they prepared all this hoopla around an uninspiring POS. There won't be many optimists.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Malatesta View Post
    Well, that's just it: then this isn't for you. You also don't need to carry it around if you actually do not need it.

    Read Hawkin's quote again:

    "However, there are times when people need a large screen and full-size keyboard. As smartphones get smaller, this need increases. The Foleo completes the picture creating a mobile-computing system that sets a new standard in simplicity."

    If you don't meet the above criteria, then this is not what you want/need.

    I actually need what Hawkin's is saying. Sometimes I really want a larger screen and keyboard..but I'm not going to buy a HTC Athena as my main phone just to use once in awhile--that makes no sense. I want my Treo 80% of the time and this 20%.

    I want my laptop rarely.
    This is true for me too. I am a Treo 90%/ Laptop 10% type of guy. If it saves me lugging around my laptop, sweet. Still, I don't think we are getting the full picture yet... a couple more hours to go...

    Chad Garrett
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    you all act like they are realsing some lame peripheral device for our existing Treos. I think it will be this device AND a brand new Treo. all in one. one will fit inside the other seamlessly. so in a sense we will get two new devices!
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    I think people are missing the big picture.

    When all is said and done, I believe that this combo, a small smartphone, and a larger clamshell(?)/tablet device with a full size keyboard with a larger screen is the future of mobile computing and will become your primary computing device(s). Combined with Palm's web services, this is Palm's foot in the door start to chipping away at the PC paradigm. Computing is going mobile and ubiquitous, you are not longer tied down to a desktop operating system or a single machine sitting somewhere on a desk.

    With this combo you can replace a laptop on the road. There's a lot to be said for instant on, long battery life, and ultra-portability. With the right web services (including secure access to through any web browser, something I think will replace Palm Desktop) all of your data and computing needs will be wherever you are.

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    The intention and target for the foleo (hawk) device will still be blurry if we view it from the eyes of the treo. At least one thing is clear its not a treo replacement and not also a convergent device. One fact stands out, ie treo will continue to be improved upon as what it is.
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    This is certainly a "killer" device --- it will kill off what little hope we had left in Palm.

    What is the market for this kind of device? A few thousand people worldwide? Without Windows, it will never be accepted by Corporate America (who wants to carry a third device, and just for email?). Teenagers and college students won't use it because it won't help with schoolwork and won't replace a sidekick. Men won't use it because it would require carrying a purse. And it certainly doesn't look cool when compared to an iPhone.

    A slider/folding Treo with built-in cell phone and WiFi would be much more palatable. These rumors remind me of the Newton eMate 300... but even that sounded cooler than this thing.

    Let's hope the real announcement later today comes off better than these rumors.
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    Treoneo, that's a possibility. Two devices? We'll know soon enough. If there's a new Treo announced today, that will make many people happy.

    It seems unlikely they would announce a Linux Treo 2 weeks after releasing the 755p, so I think what we saw is it.

    The Foleo on its own merits looks lost- I use a PC solely for photo and video editing and many 3rd party apps. Why am I going to all of a sudden use a Foleo for these things now when comparable apps are nowhere to be found? Who is going to put the energy into creating these apps to compete against the major SW providers on the PC?
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    I really don't know why...well, I don't use laptops so thats why I'm mad at this, I mostly use a Desktop and when I'm portable, my PDA/smartphone, my Treo mostly. If i plan on getting this, I can't use it as much as I do my treo, just pick it up and use it where ever I want. Unless I want to carry the bigger screen in font of me and somehow magically type away on the full size keyboard. Sad so sad, well I just be holding off for the New OS to be ported to the Treo. That is something I use all the time...;_;
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    At least this device seems to be a better and much more reasonable way of introducing and testing a new OS (Linux-based PalmOS) in a non-mission critical way, vs the rumour of a CDMA/GSM GPS Treo with a new OS that was floating around earlier.

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    I think this is a great move by Palm. It puts the phone component in the smartphone where it belongs. You have full smartphone mobility, and they actually feed the market for Treos. But you also have "real" computing, sort of like in a light client, but it stays synched. I agree with Ballistic that this coud do all the "regular computing" for a user in the future (not too many years either). Plus you can make the Foleo as powerful or light as needed for the particular technology or application. Not to mention access to full web applications like the Google suite and others. Plus phone companies will love it due to the new demand for data services.

    My concern is that the device might not have enough (local) apps to keep it exciting relative to a UMPC. Already we can synch a Treo to a UMPC via Bluetooth and we can also connect to the internet via a UMPC and a Treo. This device had better win on price or have a heck of a great user interface and basic applications if it's going to beat UMPCs. But I sure hope it does.

    Edit: I should also mention that it's a great business move because it re-energizes the Treo line and PalmOS on Linux. They will be able to build in features between the two devices that Microsoft will take a long long time to copy.
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    I find it hard to believe that Palm didn't anticipate the consumer backlash if they introduced another device to carry around, or even two if you factor in the keyboard. While Foleo may not be for everyone, I think we are going to have to really see what it is/does before complaining about it. I think the device will be revolutionary - the question is whether people are ready for that revolution? I guess we'll know soon but I am excited.

    Also, there will be new Treo devices based on this new OS, although not announced today. So if Foleo isn't your cup-of-tea, just sit tight through the summer. It's not like Palm said a new Treo was coming today. It will be nice to get an idea of how the new OS will work with legacy apps as likely demonstrated by Foleo.
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    Initially my thoughts were leaning towards disappointment. I didn't like the use of the word 'dumb' and it made me think that the Foleo would use the processing power of the Treo as in the definition of a 'dumb terminal'. However, I am now getting excited again. This will be a totally seperate device that has it's own processing power. It is basically a new PDA that can remain syncronized with your Treo. I already have two devices...a T3 and a 650. A device with a large screen and keyboard is what I am looking for and it sounds like what the Foleo will have.
    Where I think this is a great idea is in the connectivity. Different countries and phone networks within those countries use different technologies such as GSM (GPRS, EDGE and HSDPA) and CDMA....but this device sounds like it will be independant of those technologies and will make use of a mobile phone for wireless connectivity. This cuts the need for two cell phone carrier contracts since both devices can use the same contract and unlimited data plan (if you are lucky enough to be in a country that provides one, unlike myself). Palm will be able to release the Foleo worldwide if it is independant of carrier.
    The Foleo could be used when you want a large screen, but if you want to go out lightly then you could still just take the Treo.
    I do expect that the Foleo will also operate independantly of the Treo and will be a great multimedia device. I do hope that it will have built-in WiFi though. This would allow the Foleo to be used on a WiFi network (often for free or as part as your home broadband) or through your existing phone contract. So, this is why I am thinking of it as possibly a new PDA and this is a good thing. Many/Most people on TreoCentral will be fans of a converged device but there are still PDA fans around and I expect that the Treo will appeal to many of them.
    It appeals to me ......unfortunately, the announcement will be taking place at 4:30am for me, if I calculated correctly, since I am in Australia.
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    this one sounds OK, but I believe in the......

    Mark II Foleo!

    ....its SMS capabilities will blow all other devices out of the water!

    Treo 650 1.20 LAP.
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    A smartphone companion it may be but it should be able to stand on its own for wireless access to be truly flexible
    So if Palm omits Wifi once again, I'll give this one a miss.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ballistic View Post
    Your portable device (Treo + Foleo + Palm services) becomes your primary computing device, accessible anywhere. I expect a browser-based desktop component that allows you to access all of your information through a secure browser (Palm Desktop replacement) from any computer with an internet connection. All of the information will be automatically synced, updated, and backed up (hence Palm's new online backup service and

    How can it become your primary computing device without networking? It will rely on your smartphone for internet access. Too slow for me. Hopefully there is something more to this. We will see.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TRgEOff View Post
    Mark II Foleo!

    ....its SMS capabilities will blow all other devices out of the water!
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    This device has always been advertised as a "third business" so let's give it a chance on its own merits and not see it reflected against the desire for a powerful Phone/PDA. Those looking for the ultimate in a diminutive multitasking Treo crammed with power thirsty radios, receivers and fold out screens will have to wait until later.
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    I'm anxious to see what this device will look like. I guess we won't really know exactly what it is until later today. I'm a gadget freak so I'll take it whatever it is. Maybe it's not really all that big when folded up. I mean, if it does actually fold up. I know that we have full sized keyboards that fold into small sizes so who knows what this thing will actually be like. Maybe it's like a foldable Treo plus the keyboard and screen. Treo+Foldable=Foleo?
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    Palm foleo=everthing that's wrong with palm epitomized.

    What happened, I can't believe the lack of innovation nowadays. Its like we are constantly waiting for the 'improved' version, every version, but it just aint coming, at least not from the jokers working at palm.

    at a side: mypalm, trying to dupe users into allowing palm to text their phone number constantly when they could just as easily post the downloads on your personal webpage instead of involving text sent links. Just another example of palm sacrificing efficiency for nickels and dimes...
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