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    That was fun. Thanks!
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    Spectacular speculation. We shall see how close it is soon!
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    when and where is the announcement tomorrow?
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    I can't imagine you're even close, but nothing I can think of is better.

    Somehow I think we're being somewhat duped. I think whatever this device is, it will be much closer to a smartphone than we hope. And I hope I'm wrong!
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    Thanks for the article. Seems like reasonable speculation, but I'd rather see lots of built-in flash and some variety of SD card slot (even micro would be ok with 8 GB cards in the works) rather than a prone-to-failure, battery-hungry hard disk.
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    Three possibilities:

    It's a scooter!

    It's a sled!

    It's a cookbook!
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    Any device with a flexible, low power screen, detachable or not would be first to market and best of breed. Bring it in without requiring the consumer to take out a home equity loan and you are golden.

    That being said, I would be EXTREMELY surprised if Palm was the first to put out a device using this technology.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gameboy70 View Post
    Three possibilities:

    It's a scooter!

    It's a sled!

    It's a cookbook!
    no, it is unique, remember. Maybe it is all three at once!
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    Quote Originally Posted by boberang View Post
    when and where is the announcement tomorrow?
    All Things Digital conference;
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    I checked the allthingsd website and saw the schedule, yes they do list Hawkins as a speaker but as far as times of who is going to speak when, its VERY generic. At least on the website.

    Ill see if I can do some more sleuthing to find out when Hawkins is actually set to speak.
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    Do any of the editors/contributors for TC have a pass?
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    11:30am PT, May 30.
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    Dieter & Mike,

    Great article, and thanks for the mention. I strongly suspect the name will be Foleo and it will be a new form factor that plays on the "folding" idea. Your speculation is as good as any I've read elsewhere and accounts for all of the different pieces of the puzzle.

    I'd also like to point out this statement made by Peter Skillman in his Palm Analyst Day presentation that Treo Central covered back in 2005 and referenced in this post:

    "When we talk about mobile computing, most people still think about a laptop. But we know that mobile computing is really something that goes in your hand, and that the next thing, the sort of next platform or category of products that we may create will be perhaps some combination of these two because there's an incredible need, set of needs that aren't being met by the existing products. And so if you look at those needs and focus on the customer experience, that's how you can continue to deliver value to your customers year after year."
    Emphasis in bold is mine. He seems to be suggesting something along the lines of what you've outlined in the article.

    Tomorrow will be interesting for sure, and I'm fairly confident we won't be disappointed.

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    good read .... can't wait till tomorrow
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    Dieter...It looks like Miradu's author page was linked wrong. Should go to author id 35.
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    Nokia N800 like device.
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    Some kind of teaser on Palm's Blog would be cool.... Give us something d@mn it!
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    thanks toby, fixed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by samkim View Post
    11:30am PT, May 30.
    hey, thanks@ will check out allthingsd site too.
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