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    Still got a TP Webos Go with wifi+Gps. PCI is Gps module. None Sim card with black plastic cover. Last owner upgrade it to webos 3.0.5. So I downgrade it back to webos 3.0.3 version with Navigon for Webos . But how to use Gps function in 2016 ???

    In 2011. HP had designed 6.95" tablet wifi+3G and Wifi+Gps for webos . And designed 6.95" tablet wifi+3G and Wifi+Gps for Andriod OS too.
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    but the gps works now (2016) as it was working before (2011). Why the "how to use the gps function in 2016" ?

    Question : you downgraded to 3.0.3, so it means that there are some advantages vs 3.0.5 ?
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    I mean to use Gprs function for driving like Garmin. Navigon for Webos app can't downlord Europe and North America maps now. Where the maps can use in webos Go ?? I had used a android 2.2.3 Go with Wifi+Gps. Can downlord app and maps in the market. But it is very slow when driving in the highway.

    There are some builds and images of Opal/Go. As showing webos 3.0.0/3.0.2/3.0.3/3.0.4 for Go devices.
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    I have the maps for the go, they can be used to activate navigon. Think I got them from sumi, but also gwidion has them. I have navigon installed and working on the 3.0.5 you installed on the Go
    Have to check how big the archive is

    edit : 1GB 178Mb

    There are only the Eu maps, but anyway I think any map/location can be used by tweaking the config files.
    Navigon validates having the files by checking the stored name with the stored bytes, so... put 5 dummy maps with the proper names (can be the smallest repeated 5 times), activate navigon to europe and one of those maps, then rename a more recent US or etc map to match the activated one, tweaking the control bytes accordingly.

    It should work
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