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    -- Does a 3.0.0 doctor for the GO exist. If so, it would certainly help to repair GO's with corruption / partition issues. There's a thread over on XDA explaining how to recover a TouchPad (tenderloin) from scratch using the 3.0.0 doctor for partitioning.

    I am looking for Rod's Meta-Doctor for a long time. But can not find it and can not set up in PC. So can not be back up some Go and TP orginal partitions.

    Yes I keep 3.0.0 Go device and some special TP device now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by eblade View Post
    Hey Barry, I've got a stack of Go's here that don't have batteries, but do have screws in the holes that mount the batteries. And I've got a stack of batteries to go in those Go's. (I'm not positive that these Go's work, or that the batteries work, that may be how they became separated) Any idea what screwdriver specifically is needed to turn those screws? I can't get the battery in the socket while the screws are there, and I can't get the screws out with any of the screwdrivers I have.
    They must be torx head screws from the pre series. try torq 5, 6 or 7 I think. Been awhile since I had a pre series device apart.

    They should have been tiny phillips head screws originally in the Go but the threads happen to be the same as the torqx screws in the pre's.

    Do you have a couple cypress 395 touchpanel boards you can sell me by chance, or maybe just sell me a couple of the gos in your stack?

    At this juncture, I really don't care if they are 16 or 32 GB or whether they are wi fi or 3G, but prefer DVT of course.

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    The Pre screws are T5
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