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    The webOS Internals Wiki page never had Doctor files for the TP Go, and the files have been removed from all the upload mirrors on Herrie's blog.

    If anybody has access to this file, would you mind sending me a PM?
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    PM sent
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    Thanks to all who so quickly replied, I've got the files now and look forward to fiddling with them this weekend.
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    I'll try and see if I can update the Doctors including some "service pack" that fixes the Yahoo, Google, GlobalSign, skips firstuse, completely disables the Palm profile/callback stuff and a bit more Just need to find time
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    Does anyone happen to still have a 3.0.5 or 3.0.4 go doctor in their possession? If so please send it to me by email at
    Please send to my email as my pm does not work. Thank you.
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    Hello everybody! Not so far I got Touchpad Go 3G ATT 32Gb and wanted to reset it, but all links, that I found on webOS doctor are died...
    I will be very thankfull, if someone will send me webOS doctor 3.0.5 via email

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