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    maybe a stupid question but.. how to get the keyboard when launching xTerm / in Xserver ?
    I'm out of ideas and I do think that on a touchpad is possible (otherwise nobody would be using it)...

    (btw, running 3.0.5)
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    Umm.. first you need 'XServer' + 'XTerm' + 'Xecutah' all installed.
    Then open 'Xecutah' and tap on 'Start XTerm'.
    That should shortly bring up your keyboard and text window.. it might take a few seconds.

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    err.... I waited more than 10 seconds without any kb appearing, that's why I was asking.
    Same happens if I launch tigervnc from xecutah

    xterm is open, but that's all
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    isn't that "maybe" a check is made on the model, to enable or not features?


    indeed... 3 assistants of xecutah require to check for TouchPad Go instead of TouchPad. Then Tweaks has to be installed or no kb.

    Problem solved, topic closed
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    since my last update (some years ago)
    i must tab the screen with 3 fingers
    to show the virtual keyboard.

    hope thatīs the solution.
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    no, xecutah apparently does a check in 3 assistants. It checks if a pre/pixi, and sets the screen as small. It checks if touchpad or emulator, and sets "no gestures"... and if both fails, I suppose defaults to pre2/pre3

    That means to a phone with a real kb.

    The solution was to adjust all the tests, then as the initial new message xecutah offered, to install tweaks to finalize the thing.
    The kb looks fix, and if the size is smaller a zone is left unused but that's all

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