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    I just fired up my Touchpad Go that has been sitting in my storage for a while. Thought it'd bee great to do a reset and was not aware that I can't sign back in anymore since there are no HP/Palm servers online anymore.

    Can someone point me to instructions on how you can bypass this?

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    The servers should be on for a couple of days still.

    Here are instructions for webOS 2.+
    Bypass Activation [webOS 2.x] | webOS Nation

    WebOS Survival Kit - WebOS Internals
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    I can't seem to find any info relating to my issue in the link. i've attached some photos to show where I am stuck.

    Essentially after bootup, I get to the Language Selection > Wifi Selection. Then it attempts to load the T&C but shows the error in the image and returns me to the Language Selection.

    How can I get pass this?
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    Most likely your Go was pointed at one of the developer servers, which have been gone a long time, rather than the production servers. Production servers won't talk to a Go unless you use some Preware hacks to tell the servers that you're a regular TouchPad. Perhaps one of the Go meta-doctors is capable of doctoring it so that it points to a production server? Or you can use one of the bypass activation methods.
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    Ok so it took a while but I found a thread to help me out.

    So the devicetool (bypass Activation tool) link does not work - but can be downloaded here:

    However, when I tried it on my GO, it came with this error message:

    "got request: verb 'get', url 'file:///proc/mounts', argc 0"
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    Ended up finding this thread:

    Was able to get the uImage and it worked to boot my GO into the desktop!

    Thanks to Boovish!

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