The main issue I'm trying to solve is that backups will not apply so getting my apps to redownload is a no-go. Using Impostah I can see my backup list and even read the manifests of the backups but when I choose my backup and click Restore Backup either nothing happens at all (no percent showing progress) or I get "undefined" where the percent would be and a message from Impostah saying Service Error (restoreBackup): Unknown method "startRestore" for category "/".

I'm using a super build of 3.0.5 for my Go. I get a weird problem when I log in at first use (the build is baked in for 4G TouchPad emulation). Everything works fine except my app catalog doesn't list any apps! Anyway, that's kind of a sub issue because I found that I can bypass first use and use Impostah to emulate a wifi touchpad, login, and I have no problems with the app catalog.

Here are the various combos I've tried but to no avail for fresh doctors and I what I did immediately afterward.

- login first use, apply wifi tp or 4g tp backup = settings and accounts apply, empty app catalog

- bypass first use, emulate wifi, login profile, app cat works, reset profile, login 1st use, wifi and 4G backup fails to apply (error restoring data message), try again or start over

- bypass first use, emulate 4G, login profile, app cat empty, reset profile, login 1st use fails with PAMS3006 error (Invalid device IMEI/MEID)

- bypass first use, login profile, app cat empty