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    I have arranged a custom made case to fit TouchPad Go.

    Here are the photos of hand made sample, any suggestions are welcome (if i need to change something, add something, do something different ...)

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    Looks very nice! Price?
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    Does it have a soft interior? It looks very nice though. Maybe different outer leather colors, like Grey, or Cream
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    Nicely done
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    Looks not dissimilar to the "official" case, except the "official" case has a flap the goes under the bottom of the tablet, where it slides in at, and keeps it from falling out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by boovish View Post
    Does it have a soft interior? It looks very nice though. Maybe different outer leather colors, like Grey, or Cream
    Now it has soft interior (thank you for suggestion), it feels nicer. Other colors of material are not available right now, so only black case for now.

    All cut outs of the case are made for the HP TouchPad Go so all ports and buttons are accessible, also two holes on the back are made for speakers.
    Frame is lined with white stitching to break up the monotony of black color.

    stand is fixed on the back side by folding and inserting front cover

    nice soft interior

    tablet can be well fixed by velcro

    front side with strong magnets for secure closure

    back side
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    Very nice !!
    Very functional.
    Where to buy this?
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    I don't have a TP Go, but I just wanted to commend your skill and craftsmanship.

    Excellently made. You have a gift

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