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    any one has a tear down instruction for the TP go? I was looking at one of mine, and would like to replace the LCD.

    What I did.
    1. Removed the GSM/modem (2 pins there), some might have 2 screws.
    2. There are 4 TROX, and 1 (+) screw on the back to be removed
    3 There are 2 small 'wired flat cables' to be unlocked
    4. There are 3 (+) and 1 TROX screw to be removed for battery disassembly.

    After this I'm stuck..the board does not separate from the casing
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    Looks like you're on the right way. I need to dig up my pictures to show you. Did exactly the same a couple of weeks ago with 3 Go's. I just need to look for the pictures.

    Screws: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 10, 11. Some are Torx, some are Philips, varies per device.

    Antenna cables: 12 and 13, disconnect them and you can remove the Mini PCI-card.

    Flat cable 9: This is stuck the the LCD with adhesive, peel it loose carefully.

    Flat cable 7: Don't need to disconnect this one for the LCD!
    Flat cable 8: You need to disconnect this one, it's for the digitizer connected to the LCD. It's very delicate so be careful! Move the lever 90 degrees up and you can carefully slide out the cable.

    You should now be able to separate the LCD+Digitizer from the mainboard and case. I did this by holding the case and applying some pressure to the silver back of the LCD. It would then get loose. Be very careful with
    Flat cable 8 so that it DOESN'T get stuck because it will tear and you would need a new digitizer!

    After you were able to separate the LCD and the case about 1CM, you should be able to see where cable 14 is connected to the motherboard. It's a LCD connector somewhat similar to the one found at Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 0 Plus P6200 Touch LCD Connector Flex Ribbon Cable PCB | eBay.

    You can detach it be gently putting your finger in between the case and the cable. It should easily get out of the socket.

    Now you should have 2 separate parts. Case + mainboard and LCD+Digitizer
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    Right....Pay more attention to it. It is easy job to replace LCD. It will be more difficult to replace Go's mainboard....
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    Photos of TouchPad Go dissasembly I made, I hope they will be of some use to somebody.

    01. TouchPad_Go_back_side_all_assembled_no_screws

    02. TouchPad_Go_back_side_antenna_pigtails_on_modem

    03. TouchPad_Go_back_side_antenna_pigtails_disconnecting_connecting_module_antenna_pigtails

    04. TouchPad_Go_back_side_touch_no_modem_no_screws

    05. TouchPad_Go_sticker_covering_touch_pannel_flex_connector

    06. TouchPad_Go_touch_pannel_flex_in_connector_and_covered_with_tape

    07. TouchPad_Go_connector_for_touch_pannel_flex

    08. TouchPad_Go_removing_placing_touch_pannel_to_connector_for_touch_pannel_flex_closed_connector_bracke t

    09. TouchPad_Go_removing_placing_touch_pannel_to_connector_for_touch_pannel_flex_open_connector_bracket

    10. TouchPad_Go_removing_placing_touch_pannel_to_connector_for_touch_pannel_flex

    11. TouchPad_Go_touch_and_LCD_removal_or_placing

    12. TouchPad_Go_connector_for_LCD_covered_with_tape_tape_need_to_be_removed_watch_flex_PCB

    13. TouchPad_Go_battery_compartment_side

    14. TouchPad_Go_battery_compartment_side_modem_slot

    15. TouchPad_Go_interior_main_board

    16. TouchPad_Go_interior_details_left_upper_part

    17. TouchPad_Go_interior_details_right_upper_part

    18. TouchPad_Go_interior_details_right_part

    19. TouchPad_Go_interior_details_right_middle_part_LCD_connector

    20. TouchPad_Go_interior_details_right_bottom_part_first_coil

    21. TouchPad_Go_interior_details_center_bottom_part_home_button_contact_pins

    22. TouchPad_Go_interior_details_middle_bottom_part_microUSB_connector_PCB

    23. TouchPad_Go_touch_panel_and_LCD_together_with_screws

    24. TouchPad_Go_touch_panel_and_LCD_together_no_screws

    25. TouchPad_Go_LCD_top

    26. TouchPad_Go_LCD_bottom

    27. TouchPad_Go_LCD_details_left_bottom_flex_cable_and_connector

    28. TouchPad_Go_LCD_details_left_bottom_flex_cable_and_connector_detailed

    29. TouchPad_Go_touch_panel_top_side

    30. TouchPad_Go_touch_panel_bottom_side

    31. TouchPad_Go_touch_panel_bottom_side_flex_cable

    32. TouchPad_Go_touch_panel_top_side_right_side_pigtail
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