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    hey there, as my forum name suggests, im a bit of a geek, quite a geek in fact, sooooo ive been trying to get as many of my hobbyist tools and other useful apps on all 3 of my tablets.

    Touchpad (got this first)
    An ICS Generic Android Tablet Knockoff (2nd)
    iPad3 (3rd)

    now im basically looking over rather a lot of posts from here and in the other forums that basically showoff if you like the reasons for having any of these devices and why the others arent as good. All good stuff i like having some variety, esp if 1 of them has a far superior app thats of some use to me, tho i do prefer having a sort of "one rules them all" kind of solution.

    My touchpad has pretty much all i want or need, but ive been looking at the other 2, ICS and IOS to see if theres anything better or at the least equal to what my touchpad has, i mean i keep hearing the other 2 have far far far far more apps and are considerably more useful than poor old webOS.


    im struggling to find some of the more unnatural apps i require on IOS and ICS, ive been looking recently at LINUX, its a pretty strong contender i have on the touchpad, its nothing short of awesome, so i thought that IOS and ICS could give me similar results, i thought the iPad3 with its superior hardware could deliver.

    so far im seeing that IOS cant give me anything at all to try and ICS ubuntu/linux variations while definatly there in the app stores, cant give me linux as they typically depend on things that custom roms provide, which i cant do as mines a generic chineese knockoff which ofc cyanogen etc wont know a thing about so wont have a version i can use.

    has anyone with WAY more user time on these devices found any useable linux solutions, naturally my android device has at least root access etc, and the ipad is jailbroken (still cant find anything even on cydia), ipad3 solution preferable just because of the screen res possible.


    Looking here for a Spectrum, C64 emulator and an Amiga emulator again for either ICS/IOS (not a mame/nintendo/sega/etc person, never have or will be), ive found nothing at all on IOS except some gash c64 commercial app with inapp payments, and you cant use your own images so tis pretty useless, and the amiga solution is/was to aquire the defender of the crown "APP" which is just a poor emulator that runs just that game, but you can manually replace the disk images, again not a good option.

    again has anyone found a good c64 solution? (Vice/Frodo/etc) and Amiga? (UAE/Fellow/variants), NOTE: The 2 i see on the android store dont work at all for me, didnt work on CM9 on touchpad or my actual android device, again normal apple store and cydia yield nothing either.


    (have splashtop on both) im more interested in actual VNC than RDP, but on both IOS/ICS devices i seem to encounter apps that favour RDP and the VNC side seems quite poor or none existant, or their ones that require signing up to another service/logging in etc but i just want a bog standard client i can just manually slap my IP/details into and go, i did see 2 good ones on the apple store but in the end they only supported the ipad2 and looked ugly on the ipad3 display as they didnt support the higher screenres.

    Again has anyone seen any good apps that scale to fit the device instead of static screen sizes, that work with VNC (RDP optional) and dont require yet another set of login details to remember/sign up for and ofc dont require another server app on my PC, so needs to work with standard UltraVNC servers.

    i have other issues atm as well, but i wont go screaming for help regarding those other apps until ive at least had a look/installed plenty of other stuff and at least tried.

    Final Note: im starting to see that more hobbyist stuff like linux/emulation etc are actually harder to come by on the "more popular devices" id have thought by the sheer law of averages (way more devs/users) that IOS would have had tons of each of the above but im struggling to find anything, its great that the iPad is faster and has a much larger screen etc, but tbh if i cant run linux etc then im wondering why the larger screens needed at all, for "normal" apps the 1024x768 mark is perfectly fine and rarely noticable.

    Tried giving my sister/nephew the iPad for a while, their more impressed with games tbh, anything that "looks" flashy with nice eye candy and their all over it (kinda why both play freeplay sims, nephew likes some stick/scetchman game etc etc, shame coz i just use it atm for Netflix and TVCatchUp/OnLive), a geek like me that wants to run linux on a massive screen and play some golden oldies like Turrican2/Deuteros/Armalyte/etc etc and im out of luck atm.

    As as last mention, it would be nice if anyone came accross something that bares even a little resemblance to Sconix's Home Control app.

    So give a geek some help and throw me some app names my way, i dont care if its IOS or Android, i just want a nice geeky collection of what i consider to be "must have" apps, dont need any more webOS suggestions ive probably got all we have already anyways.

    Current order of "Most Useful" tablets i have.


    not really seeing the superiority of ICS/IOS atm, unless all i want to do is play games, and i have a laptop/pc/psp/vita/ps3/xbox/GP2X/GBA/more for that already tbh, i need geeky stuff, i need retro stuff.
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    There is no Linux on iOS at all. Otherwise, my iPod touch would've seen some action.

    Haven't seen any emulators like what you describe either. (They're all older than I am )

    I don't exactly know what VNC is.

    The real superiority of iOS is that its solid and works. Very easy to pick-up-and-use for the average joe unlike my Pre. (gestures, etc) It doesn't intimidate either. Apple's market is non-tech people.
    Us geeks are just an extra bonus, and Apple doesn't want to risk alienating 'normal' users with advanced stuff.

    Sounds like you are largely out of luck with the iPad.
    Cydia has a boatload of tweaks, some can be pretty cool. (Quasar, multifl0w, etc)
    But Cydia is a real mess compared to Preware. Everything from iPhone OS 3 to iOS 5 is all lumped up in there.

    (I think an iDevice oriented forum would be better asking for those things though)

    I have next-to-zero experience with Android.
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    cheers for the info, yeah i see large differences with cydia and preware, bit of a culture shock going from preware to the other, there probably IS a heap of useful patches but its like you say, theres a rather large mass of them to wade through and see what works, ive already had something clash with a simple "bypass unlock" patch, which was confusing as the other patch i assumed had nothing to do with unlocking the device.

    the VNC thing is a diff form of remote desktop, a sort of wide standard, i use it on my home PC's a lot, and used to remote game servers with it back when i used to remote admin them for my clans/guilds/corps/etc.

    shame about the emulation thing on the ipad, and definatly a shame about linux, the screen res alone begs an install of xubuntu.

    that multifl0w looks tidy, shame it seems like its for ios4 and hasnt had an update since 2010.

    ah well, ill try reading forums as usual for random tips and hopefully stumble accross things by accident, didnt want to ask the other device forums the questions (not right away neways ill read only, until im at the stage im at least not a raw noob, bit like how i handled precentral) as what im after id probably end up comparing or using webOS as an example and likely recieve some warm fuzzy love........ that or they wont actually know wth im raving on about.
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